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Spring into Summer with Marlene!


Marlene has launched her summer mailer campaign this week.  In this newsletter, she discusses all the things that have been happening over the past season.

GALLERY AND WORK– If you are in the East London area over the Festive Season, be sure to look in at Marlene Neumann’s Centre for Photography and Light! With summer around the corner, the garden is in full bloom and is possibly one of East London’s best kept secrets. A Perfect place to escape the silly season! For more information, take a look at Marlene’s website or Trip Advisor.

PRINTER– With her new Epson P9000 Printer, Marlene will now be able to print her images at sizes up to 1118 x 1725mm. This will make them perfect for statement pieces on double volume walls. They will also be perfect for entrance halls and board rooms because of the impact the images will have at this size. Watch this space for more news on Marlene’s Extra Large images…

MAKING A DIFFERENCE- Marlene has been giving talks around the East London area as part of her campaign to teach everyone that they can make a difference. These past few months alone she has spoken to school children as well as the elderly. Her talks have been successful at inspiring all audiences. If you would like to find out more about Marlene’s inspirational talks, contact her directly at 083 321 3391.

Marlene Neumann’s Buckaroo Sterilization Project has received some excellent news! Local vets and the East London SPCA will assist with the sterilization project and as a result, 28 dogs are being sterilized every month. This will have a massive knock on effect in the area and improve the health and well-being of the dogs that are sterilized.

Donations of food, blankets, kennels (or materials to build kennels), water bowls, leads and collars can be donated at Marlene’s Centre 8 Kent Road, Vincent. Contributions to the Buckaroo fund can be made online or by contacting Marlene directly at or at 083 321 3391. To stay up to date with the Buckaroo Project, like Marlene’s Facebook Page.

It’s that time of year again! The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light was open as part of the Pam Golding Gardens of East London Show. There were craft and food stalls at the Centre and Buckaroo himself made an appearance. Over 15k was raised for the charity, which will go towards the sterilisation drive.

5 tips for being good at photography – and everything else

Of course, there are way more than five tips for being good at photography.

But, I’m focusing on these five for now because they seem to be such a surprise to the students that come to my photography workshops.

Technology isn’t the point

I spend very little time on F-stops, shutter speed, and types of lenses. That would be like telling a learner driver that a car has a steering wheel, a brake, and an engine. F-stops and other technical details can be learned in one lesson and the more you use your camera the better you will get at them.

They’re not what make a good photographer. In the same way, having a convection oven doesn’t make you a good cook and having a Lamborghini doesn’t make you a good driver.

Technology and technical learning, like most other regurgitated learning, do not make anyone a good anything.

To succeed in any individual department of life, you need to be good at life as a whole. And that means being aware, awake, and alive. Machinery can’t do that for you.

It’s a journey

That said, becoming aware is a journey. We are often so conditioned by society and our upbringing that we can’t see beyond the conventional. So, here are some tips about how to start waking up to life.

  1. Let go of your mind. Its endless monkey chatter and insistence on judging things as good or bad will block your instinctive sense of what works. Instead of thinking, listen – with your attention, not your ears. (Your attention is actually your soul.)
  2. Remember, it’s not the camera that takes the photo. It’s you. All of you. Not just your physical eyes. When the whole of you is attuned to the whole of what you’re photographing, the image that results will be remarkable. (The same applies to everything in life. If you bring your entire attention to bear on whatever you are doing right now, you’ll have the best outcome.)
  3. Be aware of essence, energy, spirit. In everything you do. Everything is energy. Frequencies differ, which is why a chair looks different from a dog. But, at its core, in its essence, everything emits and absorbs energy. If you allow yourself to tune into the energy, you will be able to capture it – via your camera and in the way you express your life.
  4. Reject fear in favour of love. Fear is the mind’s favourite tool for distracting you from what matters in life. Fear arises from our regrets and anguish about the past and projects itself into anxieties about the future. Photos taken in a state of fear will fail. Love, on the other hand, is not some vague, sentimental concept. It’s the result of being in the present moment, noticing with full awareness and without judging what is happening right now. That calm, soft, accepting mindfulness makes whatever you see meaningful. It therefore makes whatever you capture meaningful. What you capture carries your mindfulness.
  5. Let what you’re photographing come to you. Let it show itself. Which comes back to listening, paying attention. If you’re being ever so busy choosing the subject according to your mind’s dictates and you’re moving around to get the ‘right’ angle, you’ll miss what is whispering that it needs to be shown to the world. Stop. Listen. Be aware. Make the photograph about something other than yourself and the ego that wants to be praised for being the best photographer in the world. Be a servant of what needs to be shown.

For more details and explanation about how to be a good photographer – and good at life – click the ‘buy’ button on this page or go to to download my video series.

Success at the Buckaroo Garden Day!


Success at the Buckaroo Garden Day!

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light hosted the Buckaroo Garden Day this weekend.  Despite the driving rain on Saturday morning, the East London public poured in to see the garden! The festive atmosphere was contagious as many hundreds of people came through the door.

There were many activities and things to do at the Centre this weekend, which made it an event for the whole family. There was face painting, a tea garden, delicious iced tea and flavoured water; both galleries were open, a farm stall, and information on the buckaroo project. Even Buckaroo himself was there! There were also many raffles available to enter including:

Creativity through photography weekend workshop which will take place on 11-13 May next year

A knitted blanket valued at R400

A very delicious fruit cake

2 Nights at the willows resort in PE for 5 people valued at over R2000

The whole event was hosted and organised by the Buckaroo team, who would like to thank all those who took time to visit the garden, and special thanks to those who made the Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light the first garden they visited.

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light was opened 10 years ago to be a place of healing and creative energy. In the centre are two galleries that exhibit the Master Fine Art Photographer’s work. The gallery exhibits Marlene’s Dark Room range of artworks that have been developed using the world renowned Neumann Technique. The Light Room exhibits Marlene’s latest range of Black and White Photography in which she further explores her deep connection with nature.

Marlene’s Centre will be open throughout the festive season for anyone interested in purchasing gifts with meaning for their loved ones. For more information please contact Marlene directly at

Capturing What People Don’t Talk About – a strange title for a video series

It is indeed a strange title, not just for a video series in general but for one that uses photography as an example of what people don’t talk about.

So, why did we choose this title? Several reasons.

The first is that when you photograph something, you ‘capture’ it. In my case, everything I photograph captures more than an image. It captures an essence. The essence of the subject. The intrinsic energy of the subject.

As I point out in the series, everything has energy. Everything, even an old chair or a broken jug, emits an energy. And, that energy or essence has a message for the person who becomes aware of it.

The message is usually: “You share this essence. In our innermost selves, we are all the same. We are connected. My broken edges, says the jug, feel like your broken edges. I have compassion for your broken edges, as you do for mine.”

My ability to tune in to and capture essence is what makes people buy my photographs. They feel a connection from themselves to the essence of the subject. The image reminds them of something they have lost along the way. Usually a self awareness, an understanding of their own essence.

And that’s what we don’t talk about. Essence. Whether in ourselves or others. The topics of emotions, energy (in the sense of spirit), and spiritual journeys are more or less taboo in modern society.

Sure, you can find them on Google if you are determined enough.

But, they’re not part of our everyday conversations or our daily lives. They’re not taught at school. We’re not taught about our innermost selves along with reading, writing, biology, history, and geography.

There is no school subject called ‘energy’. Certainly not as energy relates to our spiritual existence. There is no place in our lives for that most important part of ourselves – our Self, our spirit, our emotions, our personal energy.

And that’s why I have created this video series. Because, inch by inch, slowly, slowly, we wither away across our lifetime, parched and dried out for lack of attention to our spiritual selves.

About 14 years ago, I was forced to rediscover my own spiritual essence, my need for emotional expression, and recognition of the fact that energy lies at the heart of all existence. I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and, in search of healing for that, I realised that I had drifted too far from my Self. I was not connected to anything real or meaningful. I had the degrees, the travel, the job. I thought I had everything. In fact, I had nothing.

In my search, I was stripped down to the fundamental nature of my being. That’s why the first episode of my series is called “Then there was just me”. When there was just me, I had no where to look but inside.

I found some wonderful answers to the question of ‘why me’. The answers to ‘who am I’ and ‘what am I doing here’ followed over the next few years, with my body healing as I became aware of the significance of the answers to my ability to live a relevant, useful life that benefits other people, too.

I reconnected with Life.

In the video series, I pass on what I’ve learned, so that other people can reconnect to themselves and to life, too.

I worked with many tools (books, videos, CDs) and a range of specialists in healing and essence. Each one taught me something additional. But nowhere did I find the whole story in one place.

It’s an enormous topic, of course. It’s also incredibly simple, when one gets to, dare I use the word, the essence!

So, in the video series, I try to capture what people don’t talk about in a simple format that triggers deep change in the viewer at a pace that is comfortable and non-threatening.

As I say in the series, everything recalibrates us all the time. We are not the same person now as we were this morning. Experiences change us.

The video series is a recalibration for anyone who watches it. But each person changes in the way that is most meaningful to them and at a pace that they can manage. Which is why most people watch each episode several times. Every viewing brings new insights.

If you would like to stream or download an episode – or the whole series, please click on the buy button on this page.

I would be delighted to hear your comments on the video.

Harvey World Travel Gets Back To Nature with Marlene Neumann

Harvey World Travel Gets Back To Nature with Marlene Neumann

Marlene Neumann delivered three of her large photographic prints to Harvey World Travel this week. This is part of her drive to make corporate spaces more connected to nature. Marlene advises many businesses that bringing nature into corporate spaces has overwhelming positive effects on the entire business and its staff. The Master Fine Art Photographer has been photographing nature for over 30 years and firmly believes in the positive effects nature has on the body, mind and soul. Everyone benefits from being around nature. Studies have found that hospital patients that have beds next to windows overlooking trees have faster healing rates than those whose beds aren’t next to windows.

In an article in Forbes, Mandy Leeming, a design and development manager at Interface says: “Contact with nature and design elements which mimic natural materials has been shown to positively impact health, performance and concentration, and reduce anxiety and stress. When it comes to creating office spaces that achieve this, it’s about taking the nuances of nature that we subconsciously respond to, such as colours and textures, and interpreting them. Ultimately improving the well-being, productivity and creativity of the workforce is key to the success of market leading organisations.”

Marlene shares these sentiments and this is the reason her images are often used in such spaces, as the connection to nature is so strong and powerful.

Harvey World Travel owner Rohan Pillay contacted Marlene for images for their boardroom, and Marlene found trees that would bring the right energy into this space. The images that were selected were all trees, which make perfect additions to boardrooms for the atmosphere of strength, wisdom and security that they create.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Marlene’s images for your office space or even your home, please contact Marlene directly at

Good News for the Buckaroo Sterilisation Project!

Marlene Neumann’s Buckaroo Sterilization Project has received some excellent news! Local vets and the East London SPCA will assist with the sterilization project and as a result, 28 dogs are being sterilized every month. This will have a massive knock on effect in the area and improve the health and well-being of the dogs that are sterilized.

There is little knowledge in the Eastern Cape of how dogs need to be treated and as a result many dogs suffer from neglect and abuse. Marlene and her team work closely with township communities, teaching them how to properly look after their animals while delivering donated food, blankets, water bowls and kennels. However, to improve the lives of dogs in the future, sterilization is the key.

Buckaroo has sterilized over 300 dogs to date, and the increased engagement from the veterinary practices around East London will help the project in a big way. The cost of sterilization is high and dogs need to be treated before the operation can take place, which adds to the cost. Dogs are sometimes too malnourished to be treated and need to ‘go to rehab’ before they can be sterilized. Often the dogs have other diseases such as mange or distemper which must be treated before anything else can take place. Buckaroo tries to carry out these treatments on site rather than removing the dogs, as this helps with the education of the community, and reduces the stress for the dogs.

Donations of food, blankets, kennels (or materials to build kennels), water bowls, leads and collars can be donated at Marlene’s Centre 8 Kent Road, Vincent. Contributions to the Buckaroo fund can be made online or by contacting Marlene directly at or at 083 321 3391. To stay up to date with the Buckaroo Project, like Marlene’s Facebook Page.


Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School

Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School
Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School

Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School.

Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, spoke at West Bank school on their last day of term last Thursday. She spoke about the difference that a single person can make in the lives of others and in nature. Her talk covered being the change you want to see in the world, and how important it is to make a difference. “No matter how tiny you are you can make a difference in life- what you do or think impacts the world” was the message Marlene had for the students. She also spoke about the importance of nature and animals and that it is our responsibility to care for all animals.

The talk was given to the secondary and high school students- 300 pupils in total-  and teachers, all of whom were blown away, many of whom came up to thank her for her inspiration after her talk. However, the talk was only intended for one class to begin with. Once the preparation for the talk was underway, Marlene convinced the principle to invite the rest of the school to the talk.

From the teacher who invited Marlene to speak: “Thank you so very much for coming along yesterday! I really did not know the full magnitude of what I had organised! I appreciate that you took the time out to share with our learners; and we’ll be very excited to have you back soon!”

Marlene herself had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed giving back to such a beautiful school.

For more information about Marlene’s inspirational and captivating talks, you can contact her directly at 0833213391

She also runs Creativity through Photography workshops bi-annually. The course is aimed at anyone who needs a shift in the way they think and feel about photography and about their lives. Contact Marlene directly for more information about upcoming courses.


Things to do in East London- Trip Advisor

Things to do in East London- Trip Advisor

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light is now one of the Things to do in East London on Trip Advisor! This new addition to Marlene’s online presence comes just in time for Spring, the school holidays, and the Pam Goulding Gardens of East London in October.

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light is possibly one of the most calming things to do in East London. The beautiful garden is set under the a giant wild fig tree. The garden is currently in full bloom and is under guardianship of Tigger the cat who keeps a watchful eye on the comings and goings around the centre.

The centre features two galleries displaying Marlene’s prolific career in photography. Her Dark Room gallery displays her images that have been developed in the dark room using ‘The Neumann Technique’ which she has developed and perfected in her 30 years of capturing photographs. The Light Room displays Marlene’s Black and White photography, which she is currently producing photographs for. Focusing on landscapes and nature, these images manage to draw people in and ground them in the present.

The centre is the site of many holisitic events on the East London calendar. Iyengar Yoga classes are held in the gallery every Monday and Thursday. The centre becomes a concert venue every once in a while for International acts such as Desert Rose. Marlene herself hosts a Creativity through Photography course twice a year, which welcomes students from across the country to learn how to capture photographs with meaning. The garden is opened up once a year for the Pam Goulding Gardens of East London event once a year.

For more information on any of the events at the centre, please contact Claire, the centre manager at 043 726 1877. The centre can be found at 8 Kent Road, Vincent.

Please remember to rate the centre! The higher ranking it receives, the more people can know about the gallery and the beautiful garden.

Marlene gets a new Epson P9000 Printer!

Marlene recently installed her new Epson P9000 printer into her studio. With the help of John, the printer was set up and is now ready to print images as large as 1118 x 1725mm. Images this size will be stunning in boardrooms and homes with double volume walls. For more information, contact Marlene directly at 0833213391

Another Successful Decorex Show

Marlene has returned from another successful Decorex show this August! Marlene and her team had a wonderful show at Decorex at Gallagher Estate. Her work found its way into loving homes. If your Office or home needs a new look please contact Marlene at 0833213391

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