About Marlene

Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann has excelled as a leader in her field.  She is renowned for inventing her unique black and white darkroom process.  Marlene has broken through the boundaries of Fine Art Photography in South Africa.   Through her international success, inspirational talks and local philanthropy, Marlene has become an icon in SA.

YouTube • Portfolio • Interviews

Experience the world through the eyes of master fine art photographer Marlene Neumann. Enjoy the portfolio video, a visual journey to music. View TV and radio interviews with SABC, SAFM, News24… inspirational talks, workshops and trailers. Gain insight into her world. Below are featured videos. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to visit her […]

Decor and Gifts

Highly sought-after, Marlene Neumann’s Corporate Art Gifts are the ultimate expression of appreciation and respect towards your clients and associates. Marlene’s artwork adorns the walls of international offices, homes and hotels… INSPIRED GIFT IDEAS – Marlene’s coffee-table book SKY MEETS LAND, spoil yourself with her inspirational DVD series, or book a creative weekend workshop. Order information.

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