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My Birthday Wish

It is my birthday today ! 57 years ago a family was excited to receive me and I began my journey on this earth. This year feels very significant for me as I step into my truth. I never would have thought turning 57 could be so liberating and scary at the same time. It feels crossed between warm and fuzzy then stepping onto thin ice about to crack all mixed into one. 🙃🥰

The part that has truly freed me is the constant digging away at my shadows, digging away at all the things that have been holding me back. Unbecoming who i thought I was, what I was programmed to be by society. A birthday is re-evaluating your journey back home. This year particularly I feel closer to myself than ever before. Having done an enormous amount of Shadow work, and unravelling of my past behaviors. I am closer to my authentic self. What bliss to discover that. Thank you to everyone that has helped, loved and supported me in my life to get me to this point. Those that have hurt me and made me grow are my teachers. Those that have stood by my side like warriors, thank you, you know who you are.

Giving back to Mother earth has given my life meaning. Nature is everything to me. The animals, the trees and insects are my brothers and sisters. One of the wonderful things I’ve achieved in my life is creating this amazing sterilisation project that helps township dogs. Dogs teach us the way to live our lives. The difference a small group of volunteers can make is incredible. Thank you to the warriors that stand close to me with this project. We stand side by side experiencing the pain and the joy of what we see.

As it’s my special day I ask each of you to honor a township dog today by donating R57 or more. Standing for something that you believe in, makes our lives worthwhile. If you have a RAND / pound or dollar to spare, donate to help the Buckaroo project. Celebrate my birthday with me today. It would mean so much to me. Thank you Donate on BackaBuddy

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Love Marlene

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