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Learn to be still in the eye of the storm, creating a state of grace to live by in all parts of our lives​.
When: Saturday 17th February 2024, 2.30pm SA | 12.30pm UK | 7.30am EST
Online workshop (2.5 hours)

  • Access your internal strength and personal truth
  • Still your mind and experience inner peace
  • Unlock the mystery of remembering who you truly are​

“Being able to connect with the very core of ourselves, where nothing can take us off our centre, helps us ride the waves and dance with life.” Marlene

“Marlene has helped me evolve as an individual. I learnt to manage my fears and learnt a lot about myself and the world. Marlene is an amazing mentor and teacher.” Roopa, South Africa

Having suffered years of anxiety, living with draining and tiring situations, I’ve learnt to be courageous, finding how to tap into my inner strength, peace and resources at any moment in time.

20 Years ago, I had a life-threatening illness that took me on a new path of understanding that there is so much more to life than we ever imagined or been taught. By learning how to manage ourselves in new ways enables us to respond to situations maintaining our personal strength and flow.

During our time together we will:

  • Quieten the mind
  • Become aware of the messages our bodies and emotions give us
  • Learn to create our own space of grace

No previous experience or knowledge necessary.
Bring your open heart and mind and let’s explore nature’s voice together.
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