Buckaroo Sterilisation Drive

Award-winning fine art photography and philanthropist Marlene Neumann, continues to make waves with her BUCKAROO PROJECT. Since she founded her fundraising initiative, Marlene and her dedicated team, have made a huge positive impact for animal welfare organisations in the Border region in the Eastern Cape.

Marlene and her Buckaroo Team are now raising funds for a sterilisation drive in informal settlements in and around East London. The Buckaroo project has sterilised hundreds of dogs funded by Buckaroo with the help of the ELSPCA and local vets. “I believe if we can slow the birth rate down the local shelters will feel the relief in years to come.”
The huge numbers of strays puts a great amount of strain on animal shelters who are already buckling under the pressure to assist animals in need.
For more info contact Marlene: neumann@worldonline.co.za / 083 321 3391, to donate funds click here
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Marlene Neumann Initiator of the BUCKAROO sterilisation project offers team building for companies CSI programs. Companies get to experience a day in the life of BUCKAROO…. A three phase team building experience includes a presentation, fundraising and a township experience. The staff are divided up into teams, each one having a role to play. Collecting food and kennels. Fundraising to sterilise dogs. This corporate challenge unites staff and aids in pushing their boundaries. This team building opens up an entire new world which helps the dogs and the community. A life changing experience… Century 21, Investec and Mustek have taken up the challenge. If YOUR company is enthusiastic and believes in giving back to the community, e-mail neumann@worldonline.co.za or call 0833213391


or to donate funds click here


Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann founded The Buckaroo initiative four years ago. The project focuses on the sterilisation of dogs in informal settlements in the East London area. Buckaroo serves as a fundraising and an awareness initiative primarily focused on the welfare of animals.
The project relies on public donations and support.

For more info contact Marlene: neumann@worldonline.co.za / 083 321 3391 or to donate funds click here

A Day with the Township Dogs

BUCKAROO is an independent charity initiative by philanthropist, master fine art photographer Marlene Neumann. Marlene has launched a massive dog sterilization drive in informal settlements. This video shares a visit to one area where Marlene and her Buckaroo team are working.

For more info contact Marlene: neumann@worldonline.co.za / 083 321 3391 or to donate funds click here

Local Heroes: Passion for animals sees rise of township project
A beautiful article was written on ‘A Local Hero’ in the Daily Dispatch by Nonsindiso Qwabe. Help Marlene spread the word of her Buckaroo Project. The charity needs donations of dog and cat pellets, collars and blankets. Marlene needs your help to help the dogs! To read the Daily Dispatch article online click here
For more info contact Marlene: neumann@worldonline.co.za / 083 321 3391 or to donate funds click here

Buckaroo Needs Your Help

Everyone needs a little love..! Buckaroo needs your help every month. Can you afford to donate just R50 or more to help a dog that needs some care. Animal lovers, become a friend of Buckaroo and help us. OR can you please drop off a bag of food at my Centre, 8 Kent Road, Vincent. Can you make a donation to help the dogs… FIRST NATIONAL BANK | VINCENT PARK BRANCH CODE: 211-021 ACC NO: 62684031463 TYPE: Business cheque | REFERENCE: Your Name. If more people each gave a little we could help a lot! http://bit.ly/Buckaroo_Team For more info contact Marlene: neumann@worldonline.co.za / 083 321 3391 or to donate funds click here

BUCKAROO PHOTO ALBUM BELOW: Documents the process – Buckaroo has a Buckaroo Champion in each community, a group of dogs are selected (between 10-15 at a time) – the ELSPCA collects them for sterilisation, funded by Buckaroo – food parcels are made – the dogs are returned to their owners and educated about proper animal care. In some instances runners are installed where there are no walls.

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