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Belly Dancing Extravaganza- A Huge Success for Buckaroo!

Hosted by Rackets Hope Foundation, the Belly Dancing Extravaganza that was held on Saturday night was a huge success. The 300-strong crowd were entertained by dancers from across the country. Belly dancing was performed to rounds of applause and the reunion of the X Desert Divas stole the show! Buckaroo raised funds for their sterilization drive by selling bracelets and raising awareness at the event. Marlene appreciates the overwhelming support and generous donations that were given by the East London public.

A Day with the Township Dogs

Marlene’s Buckaroo Project went for their weekly sterilization drive into Cintsa East township. They also fed local dogs. The food was kindly donated by the East London public. Please donate food if you can- these dogs are hungry and Buckaroo is running low on supplies. We need dog food, blankets and old kennels, as the upcoming winter months can be very harsh! To donate, contact Marlene directly at 083 321 3391 or drop off at 8 Kent Road, Vincent.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Life often gets in the way of living, but for Marlene’s birthday this year she had a chance to experience life in a way that many of us don’t get a chance to witness. She celebrated her birthday in the township with the dogs due to be sterilised through her Buckaroo project. It was a truly touching experience to celebrate with those who have next to nothing, but are blessed with far more peace than most. They named her Nonthando, which means the one who brings Love. This is a reminder that all we take away from this life is love, so we should fill every moment with as much love as we can. What a blessing to spend such a wonderful birthday surrounded by so much love and to share it with her Buckaroo Team.

Marlene Neumann helps stabbed dog


Marlene Neumann received a phone call from an owner from the Cintsa East township, reporting that her dog had been stabbed. He was one of the dogs who was sterilised by Marlene’s BUCKAROO project.  “We fetched the dog, whose name is “Danger”, and the SPCA stitched him up and gave him antibiotics. He is home now and doing well. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the dogs and their owners.  Danger may have not previously received any attention. The owners struggle without fencing to contain the animals”, Neumann said.  Marlene and her team continue to drop off food parcels in Cintsa East.  Marlene says: “Every dog we help makes A DIFFERENCE TO ‘THAT’ DOG”.
Marlene Neumann is a SA fine art photographer and founder of the Buckaroo charity initiative. Give a Buck, give a Rand..

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