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Buckaroo fever hits again! Marlene has sent out a plea of help and the community responded! Over 50 people have agreed in the last 24 hours to donate a small amount monthly to Buckaroo. This money will help in the sterilisation of township dogs and reduce the amount of unwanted puppies in the area. This improves the lives of all dogs in East London! If you would like to donate monthly, contact Marlene. Buckaroo is also in need of blankets, food and kennels, which can be dropped off at the Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light at 8 Kent Road.

Marlene Neumann’s Buckaroo Charity needs donations!

Marlene Neumann's Buckaroo Charity helps dogs in the Cintsa township

Marlene Neumann and her Buckaroo Charity team went into the Cintsa Township on Monday and delivered over 30 kennels. This week was particularly tough. They ventured into a new part of the township that they had never been to before and found that the conditions that some dogs – and cats- were living in were pretty bad.

They also were able to deliver blankets and food to the dogs thanks to the kind donations from people across South Africa. There is still much work to be done to improve the living conditions for many of these dogs, so please donate blankets, kennels, food, collars – even cat food- as Buckaroo needs all the help it can get. You can deliver to 8 Kent Road, Vincent, East London, or contact Marlene directly.

Aloe Warrior on the cover of Business Hi-Lite Magazine

Marlene Neumann recently had her artwork on the cover of Business Hi-Lite Magazine. Her photograph, Aloe Warrior was on the April/May 2017 edition of the magazine that covers the Border-Kei region. The magazine is printed by the Border-Kei Chamber of Business which has recently celebrated 140 years of excellence. The editor of the magazine, Keshina Thaver, had the following to say of Marlene’s image:

“Not only is it an outstanding example of master photographer Marlene Neumann’s work, the piece is titled Aloe Warrior, an image Neumann describes as depicting the tenacity and perseverance of the aloe to survive, despite having no shelter from the weather and clinging to a precipice. In that regard, it is a fitting celebration, standing strong in the face of adversity. “

You can purchase Aloe Warrior directly from Marlene.

Marlene Goes International!

Marlene Neumann has just launched her International Facebook page! Her agent in London will now be selling her work to the international market. Support Marlene by liking her International Facebook page, and by sharing it with your family and friends abroad.

Join Marlene on Instagram!

Marlene is on Instagram! Instagram is a great platform for connecting with people and Marlene hopes to form stronger bonds with you all! Get more insight into Marlene’s life as she connects with the world around her in profound ways. You can follow her at @marleneneumann_photosa.

Sharing a remarkable Christmas story

Marlene Neumann, South African master fine art photographer rescued a baby dove four years ago. She found her abandoned one stormy night. In the past few years thousands of people have followed Sophie’s journey online. As an inspirational speaker Marlene has shared many thoughtful messages and lessons she has learnt while raising Sophie. This tiny being has become a beacon of light, hope, love and gratitude. Sophie brings joy to the hearts of many. Enjoy the video sharing SOPHIE’S SONG.

Rescue dove reaches 4th milestone


We take for granted how frail and fleeting a dove’s life is in nature. We don’t appreciate the beauty of small animals we see almost daily. Most of us don’t even notice in our mad rush. When Sophie was rescued as a stranded baby dove from a broken nest on the ground after a stormy night, we had no idea that thousands would learn from her journey. Fine art photographer Marlene Neumann and Sophie share an amazing bond. They have opened so many hearts to appreciating the little things and feeling greater compassion for animals and people. TODAY is a day of celebration – Sophie turns four! 🙂

Spectacular art garden and Master’s gallery


DID YOU KNOW:  Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, has a beautiful centre in East London. Set under a giant wild fig tree, wander through her art garden and gallery showcasing her award-winning collections. A tourist delight and “must see” for those visiting the Eastern Cape coast.  8 Kent Rd, Vincent, East London. 083 321 3391. Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm

Award season – Mbokodo awards

Did you know: Marlene Neumann won the prestigious Mbokodo Award two years ago. She was acknowledged for her contribution to fine art photography in South Africa.  About Marlene

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