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Marlene goes through the full ‘Full Circle’

Photographing the beauty of nature for the past 44 years, East London-based fine art photographer

Marlene Neumann is showcasing more than 150 images in her latest exhibition titled Full Circle.

Having opened on November 3, the exhibition, run in conjunction with the Ann Bryant Art Gallery, takes place at Neumann’s Vincent-based Centre for Photography and Light.

While full circle can mean a variety of things to different people, for Neumann, 58, this exhibition represents the cycle of her life.

Inspired by “Everything in nature works in cycles, everything goes full circle and so do we,” said Neumann.

“I can feel myself getting older, and slowing down a bit, I can feel my life coming full cycle.

“Right now in my world I’ve been working with an editor in UK and have been publishing books.

“The most recent is titled A Dance with Life and my next one should be out in February. So all my work will be in books now and this is partly where the inspiration for putting together this exhibition comes from,” she explained.

Featuring photographs from the beginning of her career to her latest work, the exhibition boasts the wonders Neumann has had the pleasure of capturing over the years.

“The photographs are predominantly from South Africa but also from Namibia, Paris, Florence and other travels.

“It’s photographs taken in the moment. Throughout my career I’ve photographed things that others didn’t see,” Neumann said.

“I think people miss a lot of life because they’re not looking. These pictures showcase nature and the land we walk, mother Earth in a way, I think, many may not have looked at it before.

“On show will be some of my earliest original photographs using my unique black and white darkroom process which creates one of a kind fine art photographs.

“Essentially the exhibition is inspired by everything that I’ve done, with a clear emphasis on nature.”

“You’ll be taken on a journey through the joy of soul photography, seeing the beauty of the rhythm of life through nature.”

Popular works from her darkroom collection including Witsand, Journey Home, Roadside Baobab,

Downstairs Door to Forest Walk and The Wisdom of the Elephants will also be on display.

“There will be a mixture of dark room and digital work as well. In a sense that is also like a full circle process to me.”

She said putting this collection together had been a nostalgic process.

“I would often sit on the floor while preparing for the exhibition and not get any work done,” she quipped

“I’d just sit remembering the moments when I took and produced these images.

“It’s been a very soulful experience, putting this altogether. I see this exhibition as a celebration of my life as a photographer, and why not do it while I’m still here.

“And even though we don’t live forever, my photographs and books will. And that is really wonderful.

“I remember when I was younger I always wanted everyone to own one of my images.

“And now knowing that my photographs are all over the world, knowing that many who have left the

Eastern Cape or South Africa have one of my photographs to remind them of home brings me so much joy.”

She said she hoped all who visited the exhibition would feel a sense of connection to nature.

“Photography is magic to me, you capture a split second. I hope people feel that.

“I hope they leave with a heart that’s filled up. And that they feel that reconnection to nature, feel a compassion for nature.

“There is a big variety of images on show and I hope people take time and sit and go through them and reflect.”

The exhibition runs until November 10 from 10am-3pm at the Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light at 8 Kent Road, Vincent.

White Lions encounter

A morning spent with the white lions at Inkwenkwezi. Graham and I have been friends for 35 years.
An incredible experience ✨️such a privilege to have this on our doorstep in East London ❤️

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The Wisdom the world is waiting for !
Love Marlene ❤️

Local Hero nomination for Marlene & Buckaroo Team

Marlene and her Buckaroo Team have been nominated for the Daily Dispatch and Johnson & Johnson Local Heroes campaign.

As Marlene says, “But it’s really amazing to see how much of a difference just a few passionate people can make.”

local hero is an ordinary citizen who selflessly does extraordinary work for their community. Daily Dispatch marketing manager Jennilee Peremore-Oliver said the Dispatch and Johnson & Johnson Local Hero Awards judges always looked forward to the unique nominations sent in each year and encouraged readers to nominate the people in their communities going the extra mile to help others.

“We are always looking for those unique stories; people who are helping others in unusual or special ways, because it shows that there is so much one can do to help our neighbours.

“We also look at the level of sacrifice the people have made to help their communities. These are just two of the characteristics that help nominees stand out,” said Peremore-Oliver.

Marlene and her Buckaroo team tirelessly work with the dogs and their owners. Educating owners and ensuring the welfare of dogs that are lucky enough to be part of the Buckaroo Sterilisation Initiative.

Read the article online

Changing direction with Marlene

We are ALL Human beings and interconnected on a level we cannot even imagine. We basically have to create a new reality.

Why not help your staff to tap into their Creative selves, to see the bigger picture. To learn a new way of BEING… Book a session with me.

Prices are according to the size of the group.

It’s easy, we set up a zoom session and the experience takes place in the comfort of their homes.  I help them to step out into a new world. Seeing things for HOW THEY ARE and not how we thought they were.

If you would like to embrace this opportunity to make the CHANGE for your company and yourself please email me
Love Marlene

Marlene Neumann, is not only a Master Fine art Photographer but also an inspirational speaker.

Every audience who has had the opportunity to experience Marlene’s talks feel
Ignited, Inspired, Energized and ready for positive change in their lives.

Marlene is offering ONLINE Inspirational sessions for your company, team or club –
any group of 15 people or more. Reconnect with each other, share the virtual space
and get ready for an amazing journey TOGETHER during this time of uncertainty and change. EMAIL NOW.

You can NOW watch Marlene on Facebook LIVE, every Wednesday morning at 9 am SA time

Marlene is the author of two books, ‘Sky Meets Land‘ and ‘Ebb & Flow‘ and she is featured in her own Four part Inspirational video series.

Intimate interview with Lebo Mopeli

An intimate interview with Marlene by Lebo Mopeli on #SoulDive on Keith Ngesi Radio.

Lebo described Marlene as a author, designer, visionary, teacher, inspirational speaker, philanthropist and one who sees with the heart, forever in love with life and nature. Listen in for a close up!

Lebo spends time with Marlene asking questions that add to our appreciation and understanding of what makes Marlene the amazing woman that she is.

Life experiences shared and many life lessons to be heard and learnt from.

Take a moment to listen. There is always something to be learnt.

Ebb & Flow book launch with Marlene

Ebb & Flow book launch

Over 40 people joined Marlene for a special morning to celebrate the launch of her new book, Ebb & Flow.

Marlene shared her connection with nature and her inspiration in capturing her thoughts as she walked on the beach in the early morning.

The profoundly personal hours with Marlene and her enthusiasm and unique outlook of life can be found in the 156 pages of words and images of Ebb & Flow.

Marlene’s words weave a comforting space to face life, its challenges and to savour the magical moments.

Her presentation and talk captured the guests attention and drew them into her world.

Marlene had a delicious sampling of her vegan cooking for her guests. A selection of herbal teas and refreshing mineral water with lemon quenched their thirst.

This was a taster for the body and soul. Amazing, innovative, creative ways to spend time learning from Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann. This years Saturday morning sessions are well worth attending and include something vegan.

For more information please email


CHANGING THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD – Creativity Through Photography Workshop

Marlene’s Creativity Through Photography Workshop transformed students. Their way of seeing the world and themselves altered the first weekend in June.

Students from all over South Africa gathered at Marlene’s Centre for Photography and Light.
They spent three intense days immersed in a magical world of light, laughter and photography. ISO’s, shutterspeeds and apertures.

Night Photography was magical and the students photographs were amazing.
What an incredible experience for all those that were part of Marlene’s Creativity Through Photography Workshop.

For those that missed the chance to be taught by Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann
watch this space… Marlene has some exciting retreats, talks and workshops planned.

To be kept up to date please send an email to

Buckaroo’s first street collection a great success

Buckaroo volunteers were at 36 stations, from Kidds Beach to Crossways on the East Coast at the end of May.

During the street collection Buckaroo was driving around town. He was greeted with waves and laughter from everyone.

Marlene expressed her gratitude and love to everyone that supported this fundraising drive.
“Thank you to the public of East London for your generous support of the Buckaroo sterilisation project!
Thank you to the 100 volunteers who helped shake a tin in the collection.
Thank you to the Buckaroo Team who worked tirelessly to put this together.
Thank you to the shop owners,” added Marlene.

For every dog Buckaroo sterilises… IT HELPS THAT DOG.

For more information or to make a donation please visit Buckaroo’s Sterilisation page or email

Making the connection with Riverside Reflections

Marlene in Gallery Riverside Reflections

A happy client and special lady Margie Dillin collects her treasured image, Riverside Reflections from Marlene’s Gallery. Margie says Riverside Reflections will hang in a very special place in her home.

Marlene’s photographs emanate a feeling of calmness and serenity. There is always one image that will resonates with someone.

For Margie that image is Riverside Reflections. As Margie mentioned to Marlene every time she looks at the image there is something new that she notices. The new element adds to her connection with Marlene’s Fine Art Photograph. To her story.

Marlene’s images are unique. With her “Neumann” technique Marlene creates a work of art that transforms any space.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Marlene’s images for your home or office space, please contact Marlene directly at

Marlene is available for consultations. Her diverse portfolio is online or can be viewed at her gallery in Vincent, East London.

Marlene inspires ladies out of their comfort zone

Marlene Neumann BKCOB talk

Fine Art Photographer and inspirational speaker Marlene Neumann shared her insight and unique ability to inspire at the BKCOB Secretaries Lunch

A SHIFT HAPPENED when over 100 ladies took up the challenge to move out of their comfort zone. Marlene’s talk at the Osner hotel – OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE had ladies rocking back to themselves. A beautiful experience when we realise we are actually all a droplet from the same ocean… Marlene reminded everyone that their purpose in this life is to Grow!

Those at the lunch had no idea what to expect and they were not disappointed. Marlene guided them through her presentation and inspired moments with wisdom, grace and compassion. Her powerful talk targets the mind and soul.

Outside your comfort zone challenged all the ladies and left them with plenty to think about. Marlene will customise a talk according to your company’s needs.

To book Marlene for a function, a talk, or her Inspiring workshops email her on

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