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Rising Beyond the Chaos with Marlene

Take a minute to watch the New Live Talk added to Marlene’s Inspiring VLOGS page. Join Marlene’s Facebook Page to follow her inspiring talks LIVE or join her YouTube channel to catch up on talks that you may have missed.

Talking from the heart Marlene shares her questions and thought provoking insight into life, photography, challenges and opportunities. Inspiring a different way of seeing and ultimately being.

Her latest talk Rising Beyond the Chaos is online.

“We are undergoing a massive change, not only as individuals but as a collective. Nothing makes sense anymore. The old world is breaking down.
There is nothing to gain in a War – this leaves us with a planet without love.

Rising beyond the Chaos, stepping into the ” New World ” for those that have had enough. I share how to take your power back this when you are feeling deeply anxious.

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Ebb & Flow book launch with Marlene

Ebb & Flow book launch

Over 40 people joined Marlene for a special morning to celebrate the launch of her new book, Ebb & Flow.

Marlene shared her connection with nature and her inspiration in capturing her thoughts as she walked on the beach in the early morning.

The profoundly personal hours with Marlene and her enthusiasm and unique outlook of life can be found in the 156 pages of words and images of Ebb & Flow.

Marlene’s words weave a comforting space to face life, its challenges and to savour the magical moments.

Her presentation and talk captured the guests attention and drew them into her world.

Marlene had a delicious sampling of her vegan cooking for her guests. A selection of herbal teas and refreshing mineral water with lemon quenched their thirst.

This was a taster for the body and soul. Amazing, innovative, creative ways to spend time learning from Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann. This years Saturday morning sessions are well worth attending and include something vegan.

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Ebb & Flow – Marlene’s new book arrives

Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann shares her inspiring early morning thoughts.
With captivating, soul-filled photographs. Her images capture a strong connection with nature and reinforce
Marlene’s teaching that is not about the camera, it is about the moment, the connection…

156 pages of magnificent colour images and insightful thoughts.

This pocket size book will keep you pondering…

After months of liaising with the publishers in Singapore the books have arrived. You can order your copy by emailing

The books are R220 excluding postage. Ebb & Flow can be viewed at Marlene’s Centre, 8 Kent Road or online

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