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Sophie & Marlene Valentine’s Day

The love of my life dearest Sophie has laid an egg to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. She has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

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Sharing a remarkable Christmas story

Marlene Neumann, South African master fine art photographer rescued a baby dove four years ago. She found her abandoned one stormy night. In the past few years thousands of people have followed Sophie’s journey online. As an inspirational speaker Marlene has shared many thoughtful messages and lessons she has learnt while raising Sophie. This tiny being has become a beacon of light, hope, love and gratitude. Sophie brings joy to the hearts of many. Enjoy the video sharing SOPHIE’S SONG.

Marlene and her rescue dove Sophie, share a “coo-ute” moment

AN INTIMATE MOMENT…trying to sleep…Watch how Sophie the dove keeps Marlene awake… Follow Sophie on Facebook

Marlene and Sophie her dove go on a road trip

“SOPHIE and I travel down a country road…come on a trip with us..and share the sun sparkling like fairy dust…love Marlene”. Follow Sophie on Facebook

Sophie the dove gets wash from mom Marlene Neumann

Marlene Neumann and her rescue dove Sophie have an amazing bond and trust. Watch her wing wash video from her Facebook page.

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