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White Lions encounter

A morning spent with the white lions at Inkwenkwezi. Graham and I have been friends for 35 years.
An incredible experience ✨️such a privilege to have this on our doorstep in East London ❤️

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The Wisdom the world is waiting for !
Love Marlene ❤️

A Dance with Life

Read more about my book A Dance with life

The time has arrived for you to order my book !‼️

I invite you to step into a state of deep reflection into your own world. Many of us are scared and struggle to fit in, conforming to follow what society tells us to do. Throughout this book you will be inspired to discover your own steps to dance with life and re-connect to your true nature – the jewel that is hidden within each of us – So you can shine your light and start living your best life !

Begin the process by asking yourself “What if our purpose as humans is to dance to nature’s rhythm, to soar like eagles and to truly experience everything that life brings us?”

? LIMITED number of hard copies on order for my South African friends – email me directly on
?WhatsApp 0833213391 please fill out an order form to place your order!
?Read more about my book A Dance with life and order

The Wisdom the world is waiting for !

Love Marlene ❤️

Unique Creative Gift Idea


My Online Creativity Through Photography Master Class starts in March 2022 and runs for 6 weeks.

Why not spoil someone who has always wanted to learn more, who loves taking pictures. Help them take it to the next level.

Photography is magical and anyone can be trained to awaken their emotional, spiritual and mental aspects to themselves.

Yes ! All this through the lens of a camera.
I have over 35 years of experience, teaching students to tune into themselves through photography.

Learn more… watch Looking into my life as an Intuitive Photographer

A surprise gift for that special someone!

Vouchers available this Season. Email me on

Love, Marlene

Creativity Through Photography with Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann

Story of Hope

For those that would like to hear my story. Channel 7 ‘Story of Hope’ Landbou Joernaal, I was interviewed by the lovely Ina.

Marlene’s journey will open you up emotionally and spiritually.
You will learn how to access parts of yourself that have
been hidden using her unique processes and teachings.

“Everything I teach I’ve learnt and experienced in my life. I want to share my gifts with you to guide you through your own transformation of seeing life through your new lens. ” – Marlene

Hope you can listen to our interview…  a very personal story that I am sharing to reach people and give them hope.

Love, Marlene

Online Soul Photography Workshop – Time to Open your Heart

Sometimes I just want to burst through the screen and shake the world up shouting out WAKE UP. WAKE UP!

We miss our lives when we don’t connect to ourselves, Nature and others.
Yes in this order!

Sign up to my amazing 6 week online Soul photography workshop. Its ALIVE, it’s Meditative, contemplative and includes a 6 week way of healing the body through eating correctly.

This intimate journey with me involves YOU SHOWING UP! Committing to Wake up and go within through photography! What an amazing way to follow your bliss.

Email me on or text me on 0833213391

Fly into next year a new being. The essence of God is everywhere. – come on this journey with me.

Love Marlene

Explore your inner light through your camera

Seeing The Light: A Photography Retreat: Explore your inner light through your camera

Seeing the Light

Location: Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, KZN
Booking: Please email
Cost: R350 + Accommodation – payment must made to the Buddist Retreat Centre
Dates: 30 Apr – Sun 2 May 2021

Tune in and allow nature to flow through your heart and lens. The lens of your camera is an extension of your eye, your eyes are an extension of your heart. This 3-day workshop is guided by Master Fine Art photographer, Marlene Neumann. She will take you on a journey deep into the forest where you can explore the light through your camera lens as you listen to the ancient wisdom whispered by the trees. This is not a technical workshop on how to use your camera, but rather an opportunity to learn to follow the light and allow the spirit of nature to shine through you. Marlene’s contemplative approach will teach you new insights and a new way of seeing.

For more information please get in touch with us at

Photography and Spirituality Online Interview

An interview with me all the way from Australia!

Sigrid de Kaste is a bestselling author.And a Marketing consultant from Stickybeak Marketing

An inciteful chat around Photography and Spirituality. I have found the two inseparable. It has been my life’s work sharing this path.

I wanted to share the interview with you all.

Life Size Downstairs Door

Vanessa proudly showcases her breathtaking extreme large Downstairs Door.

Marlene was ecstatic to see her image framed and hanging up in Vanessa’s hall area. Standing next to Downstairs Door you get an idea of the scale of this amazing image.

The detail and tones of this life size image are incredible.

All Marlene’s images can be printed to this size, 1118 x 1724mm. Perfect for double volume walls and a large space that needs a statement piece.

To view Marlene’s Fine Art Photographs visit her gallery online

For information and to place your order please email

What it Means to Wake Up

Join South African Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann for her live online workshop ‘What It Means To Wake Up’ this Saturday, 16th May @ 2 pm (South African Time)

In a changing world we learn a new way of being. An awakening from being asleep.

As an intuitive photographer, Marlene has explored and expanded the boundaries of Fine Art Photography.

Her intention is to provide people seeking answers to their own life struggles with some idea of where, in themselves, to look.

Expand your creative awareness to explore a new path in your personal journey.

This 2.5 hour workshop is LIVE and interactive.

Once you wake up you can never go back to sleep !

To book your space email

Facebook Live ‘Up Close and Intimate’ talk with Marlene

Marlene shares her photographic insight in her latest Facebook Live talk ‘Up Close and Intimate’.

This is one way to get to know the incredible vision that Marlene has.

Her innate ability to “see”. Drawing from her years of teaching and vast experience she simplifies her ability to be up close and intimate.

Her invitation says, “Come with me on a close up journey. We spend our lives so incredibly busy we are always in such a hurry. We miss the moments in our lives.”

Marlene adds, “Coming up close and intimate… to something and realising the miracle of life. If you miss a moment you have missed your life!”

Watch her life talk. Take a moment to listen and appreciate.

All the images in the talk can all be viewed in Marlene’s online galleries.

Her unique Fine Art Photographs are available in various sizes. For more information please email

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