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Marlene Neumann helps stabbed dog


Marlene Neumann received a phone call from an owner from the Cintsa East township, reporting that her dog had been stabbed. He was one of the dogs who was sterilised by Marlene’s BUCKAROO project.  “We fetched the dog, whose name is “Danger”, and the SPCA stitched him up and gave him antibiotics. He is home now and doing well. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the dogs and their owners.  Danger may have not previously received any attention. The owners struggle without fencing to contain the animals”, Neumann said.  Marlene and her team continue to drop off food parcels in Cintsa East.  Marlene says: “Every dog we help makes A DIFFERENCE TO ‘THAT’ DOG”.
Marlene Neumann is a SA fine art photographer and founder of the Buckaroo charity initiative. Give a Buck, give a Rand..

11 NEW Intentions for 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR…to all my beautiful friends…I have made a video for you…11 NEW Intentions…to start your year…Be gentle with yourself and others…!…love Marlene

Sharing a remarkable Christmas story

Marlene Neumann, South African master fine art photographer rescued a baby dove four years ago. She found her abandoned one stormy night. In the past few years thousands of people have followed Sophie’s journey online. As an inspirational speaker Marlene has shared many thoughtful messages and lessons she has learnt while raising Sophie. This tiny being has become a beacon of light, hope, love and gratitude. Sophie brings joy to the hearts of many. Enjoy the video sharing SOPHIE’S SONG.

Experiencing your life

The 3rd DVD in Marlene Neumann’s inspiring  4 part video series is now available.  EXPERIENCING YOUR LIFE  – Marlene brings into sharp focus ways in which we can use whatever it is that we do, working or playing, to be fully present for our own lives. She reminds us to stay aware, minute by minute, not only that we are alive but also that the transcendent power that some of us call God is expressing Itself through us. She shows us that we are always supported and nurtured. Capturing What People Don’t Talk About is a transformative video series where one really connects to Marlene’s messages. They will move you and shift you. The DVDs are meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones seeking change.

Rescue dove reaches 4th milestone


We take for granted how frail and fleeting a dove’s life is in nature. We don’t appreciate the beauty of small animals we see almost daily. Most of us don’t even notice in our mad rush. When Sophie was rescued as a stranded baby dove from a broken nest on the ground after a stormy night, we had no idea that thousands would learn from her journey. Fine art photographer Marlene Neumann and Sophie share an amazing bond. They have opened so many hearts to appreciating the little things and feeling greater compassion for animals and people. TODAY is a day of celebration – Sophie turns four! 🙂

Philanthropy is a state of being not just doing

Marlene Neumann’s love for animals goes beyond a handout and the odd good deed. It is part of who she is and maybe her intuitive eye for photography takes her beyond being the viewer. She feels everything. Her quote she is known for: “I photograph not what I see, but what I feel. “She heads up her own project called Buckaroo, which provides support for animal NGO’s and at present Marlene’s focus is sterilisation in the informal settlements. When everyone has left, in her own time, Marlene personally checks up on the progress of the dogs. The photograph above says it all.  The dogs who were skin and bone are looking healthier. Marlene has sunk in food and water bowls so that the pigs don’t knock them over. This detail worries her until she finds a solution.  Her actions teach dog owners and children compassion towards animals. Marlene believes that every positive action and good deed has a ripple effect, no matter how small it may seem in the animal crisis in our country.

Marlene’s message on Facebook – “WORKING IN THE TRENCHES”

What it means to be truly human

For those that have had the privilege of meeting Marlene, or following her on Facebook, know her as a deeply reflective person, not just a master photographer.  Marlene shares her insights in her moving DVD series of 4 episodes called “Capturing What People Don’t Talk About”. A personal gift for yourself or for a friend, these DVDs help shine the light and give you an inner perspective on your own journey.

Marlene and her rescue dove Sophie, share a “coo-ute” moment

AN INTIMATE MOMENT…trying to sleep…Watch how Sophie the dove keeps Marlene awake… Follow Sophie on Facebook

Give a personal Gift

Give a personal gift this season, a gift with meaning. View Marlene’s Gift newsletter.
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Buckaroo helps the dogs again


Marlene’s Buckaroo Initiative is helping their third informal settlement as part of the BUCKAROO STERILISATION DRIVE. “ONE HOME HAD 16 DOGS…yesterday was a hard day with moments of we removed wire from a pup’s neck and replaced it with a bright red collar…my Buckaroo Team and I delivered 15 kennels, gave out food parcels to the owners. Another 10 dogs were taken home after being sterilised by the ELSPCA which was funded by the Buckaroo project..Lionel and Zuki thank you for your compassion you showed those animals…We cannot comprehend the hardship of these dogs.. (see album) STERILISATION is the key…If each one one of us did something..We could make a difference in one dog’s life…love Marlene”

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