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Local Hero nomination for Marlene & Buckaroo Team

Marlene and her Buckaroo Team have been nominated for the Daily Dispatch and Johnson & Johnson Local Heroes campaign.

As Marlene says, “But it’s really amazing to see how much of a difference just a few passionate people can make.”

local hero is an ordinary citizen who selflessly does extraordinary work for their community. Daily Dispatch marketing manager Jennilee Peremore-Oliver said the Dispatch and Johnson & Johnson Local Hero Awards judges always looked forward to the unique nominations sent in each year and encouraged readers to nominate the people in their communities going the extra mile to help others.

“We are always looking for those unique stories; people who are helping others in unusual or special ways, because it shows that there is so much one can do to help our neighbours.

“We also look at the level of sacrifice the people have made to help their communities. These are just two of the characteristics that help nominees stand out,” said Peremore-Oliver.

Marlene and her Buckaroo team tirelessly work with the dogs and their owners. Educating owners and ensuring the welfare of dogs that are lucky enough to be part of the Buckaroo Sterilisation Initiative.

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Photography and Spirituality Online Interview

An interview with me all the way from Australia!

Sigrid de Kaste is a bestselling author.And a Marketing consultant from Stickybeak Marketing

An inciteful chat around Photography and Spirituality. I have found the two inseparable. It has been my life’s work sharing this path.

I wanted to share the interview with you all.

Intimate interview with Lebo Mopeli

An intimate interview with Marlene by Lebo Mopeli on #SoulDive on Keith Ngesi Radio.

Lebo described Marlene as a author, designer, visionary, teacher, inspirational speaker, philanthropist and one who sees with the heart, forever in love with life and nature. Listen in for a close up!

Lebo spends time with Marlene asking questions that add to our appreciation and understanding of what makes Marlene the amazing woman that she is.

Life experiences shared and many life lessons to be heard and learnt from.

Take a moment to listen. There is always something to be learnt.

Celebrating Life Through a Lens

Marlene’s work has been featured in the January edition of SAFAIR In Flight Magazine.

“Neumann’s collection is vast and covers a range of subjects such as landscapes, her travels, wildlife and more. One specific range that is close to her heart is her black-and-white range­­ – a collection of provocative, striking and powerful imagery. ‘Fine art photography is about emotion, intuition and connection,’ she says. ‘I am interested in the spirit, the essence of the subject, not the colours. I want the message t has for me to be seen by the world. Back in the day I would never speak freely about the subject, I had to guard what I said or I would not be taken seriously. Things have changed. I believe that the world is seeing that things have to be integrated, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Black-and-white allows for all this. Colour can be a distraction.’ “

Read the full article here

Shado Twala Interviews Marlene Neumann on SAfm

16 May 2017, Marlene Neumann was interviewed by Shado Twala on SAfm. In their in-depth conversation, they discussed the release of Marlene’s DVD series, ‘Capturing What People Don’t Talk About’, and the profound impact of challenging the system that we are all plugged into. Listen to the interview and purchase the DVD series online.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Life often gets in the way of living, but for Marlene’s birthday this year she had a chance to experience life in a way that many of us don’t get a chance to witness. She celebrated her birthday in the township with the dogs due to be sterilised through her Buckaroo project. It was a truly touching experience to celebrate with those who have next to nothing, but are blessed with far more peace than most. They named her Nonthando, which means the one who brings Love. This is a reminder that all we take away from this life is love, so we should fill every moment with as much love as we can. What a blessing to spend such a wonderful birthday surrounded by so much love and to share it with her Buckaroo Team.

Award season – Mbokodo awards

Did you know: Marlene Neumann won the prestigious Mbokodo Award two years ago. She was acknowledged for her contribution to fine art photography in South Africa.  About Marlene

SA Express magazine article

Marlene Neumann is featured in INDWE, the SA Express inflight magazine. Celebrating life through the lens – Read the thought provoking article by Julie Graham as she interviews Marlene and digs deeper. Learn what drives her as South Africa’s sought after landscape photographer as she continues to push the boundaries of fine art photography.

Canon Series – Techsmart interview


Marlene is featured online on TECHSMART, a monthly technology lifestyle magazine . This article is part one of her Canon interview series. Marlene reveals her ideal Canon lens and discusses her black & white darkroom technique she invented. Part 2  Part 3

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