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Word of Mouth Lindi Tshabangu & Marlene Neumann

What a privilege to be interviewed by Lindi Tshabangu, host of entrepreneur show, Word of Mouth.

Lindi shares my story of ‘selling memories’ and encouraging people to be true to themselves.

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Unique Creative Gift Idea


My Online Creativity Through Photography Master Class starts in March 2022 and runs for 6 weeks.

Why not spoil someone who has always wanted to learn more, who loves taking pictures. Help them take it to the next level.

Photography is magical and anyone can be trained to awaken their emotional, spiritual and mental aspects to themselves.

Yes ! All this through the lens of a camera.
I have over 35 years of experience, teaching students to tune into themselves through photography.

Learn more… watch Looking into my life as an Intuitive Photographer

A surprise gift for that special someone!

Vouchers available this Season. Email me on

Love, Marlene

Creativity Through Photography with Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann

The Sea Listens

The ocean is the beginning of life on Earth, it symbolizes the mysterious the unfathomable, and the chaos.

Spending time with the ocean is more important than ever in our over-stimulated society. It is so important to take time to unplug and return to nature. When I’m swimming in the ocean, my worries disappear, I just float, I tap into the expansiveness of the world, and I am able to just be.

The ocean reminds us that change in life is constant. You never quite know where you stand with the ocean – She is however a good listener.

The ocean heals us in so many ways.
Love, Marlene

Join Marlene’s Facebook book to watch her Facebook Live Video’s. They can be viewed on her You Tube channel.

Adding to their Neumann Collection

Marlene Fine Art Photographs Aloe Warrior and Cata Village are up and hanging in this beautiful home in Vincent.

Adding to their collection Linda and Des are happy with the way the images turned out.

Their entrance is enhanced with three of Marlene’s photographs from her Door Series. The smaller images are Doorway No 165, Doorway No.22 and the bigger image is Downstairs Door.

In their guest bedroom they have one of Marlene’s sunflower Photographs. Each image is selected for the particular space transforming the area.

If you are wanting to add Marlene’s work to your collection contact her and she can do a virtual tour to assist you.

Her Gallery is open from 9am – 5pm Sunday – Monday, 8 Kent Road, Vincent, East London or view her images online

For more information please email and Marlene will be in touch.

Dreams do come True

This is the first time I have printed my beautiful image Downstairs Door to this extreme size.

Extreme Large Downstairs Door
The detail and tones are breath taking! Downstairs Door was ordered by Vanessa in Gauteng. I am super excited to see it framed and hanging up in her hall area. Isn’t it just so exciting and beautiful.

Finally this incredible image is life size. All my images can be printed to this size, 1118 x 1724mm.

Studio Photograph XXL Downstairs Door

Perfect for double volume walls and a large space that needs a statement piece. To view my gallery visit

For information and to place your order please email

Facebook Live ‘Up Close and Intimate’ talk with Marlene

Marlene shares her photographic insight in her latest Facebook Live talk ‘Up Close and Intimate’.

This is one way to get to know the incredible vision that Marlene has.

Her innate ability to “see”. Drawing from her years of teaching and vast experience she simplifies her ability to be up close and intimate.

Her invitation says, “Come with me on a close up journey. We spend our lives so incredibly busy we are always in such a hurry. We miss the moments in our lives.”

Marlene adds, “Coming up close and intimate… to something and realising the miracle of life. If you miss a moment you have missed your life!”

Watch her life talk. Take a moment to listen and appreciate.

All the images in the talk can all be viewed in Marlene’s online galleries.

Her unique Fine Art Photographs are available in various sizes. For more information please email

Changing direction with Marlene

We are ALL Human beings and interconnected on a level we cannot even imagine. We basically have to create a new reality.

Why not help your staff to tap into their Creative selves, to see the bigger picture. To learn a new way of BEING… Book a session with me.

Prices are according to the size of the group.

It’s easy, we set up a zoom session and the experience takes place in the comfort of their homes.  I help them to step out into a new world. Seeing things for HOW THEY ARE and not how we thought they were.

If you would like to embrace this opportunity to make the CHANGE for your company and yourself please email me
Love Marlene

Marlene Neumann, is not only a Master Fine art Photographer but also an inspirational speaker.

Every audience who has had the opportunity to experience Marlene’s talks feel
Ignited, Inspired, Energized and ready for positive change in their lives.

Marlene is offering ONLINE Inspirational sessions for your company, team or club –
any group of 15 people or more. Reconnect with each other, share the virtual space
and get ready for an amazing journey TOGETHER during this time of uncertainty and change. EMAIL NOW.

You can NOW watch Marlene on Facebook LIVE, every Wednesday morning at 9 am SA time

Marlene is the author of two books, ‘Sky Meets Land‘ and ‘Ebb & Flow‘ and she is featured in her own Four part Inspirational video series.

2019 Let’s do this

2018 has come and gone and Marlene’s message on Facebook says it all “LET GO… LET GOD… SURRENDER…! What else can you do if you have done everything you can do… NEW YEAR, new beginnings, new experiences… All preparing us to become who we fully are… 2019… Let’s do this!”

Start planning for 2019.

Marlene’s Creativity Through Photography weekend workshop will shift you! Bring your camera and an open heart 31 May – 2 June 2019… Book now! email for more information… Marlene offers one life changing workshop a year. Make sure you book your space on this one! Beginners welcome!

Marlene will be at Homemakers in Johannesburg from 28 February – 3 March. Send an email Marlene to be added to her mailing list. There are updates of new images that have been released, book launches and invitations to Homemakers and Decorex and a chance to get complimentary tickets.

Let’s do this!

Decorex Johannesburg a great success

Decorex Johannesburg 2018

Marlene exhibited her Exclusive Fine Art Photographs at Decorex in August. Her stand featured work from her extensive dark room and black and white range.

Marlene’s dark room range consists of over 120 images. Her collection spans over a period of 30 years. Her black and white collection ranges from seascapes to desert grass and ancient trees. With new photographs being added this collection was viewed with interest.

People stood in awe and admired Marlene’s unique technique and her extensive portfolio. There was continued support from clients adding to their extensive collections. Her Aloe range and the Doors series were top picks at this year’s show.

Orders can be placed with Marlene and her gallery can be viewed online.

Other items of interest at Decorex were her book Sky meets Land. More than a coffee-table book, it is filled with insight into her profound life purpose. Experience a ‘mindful shift’ when paging through her visual journey and gain understanding into your own life path. Marlene uses the camera as an extension of herself and in that moment it’s as if the viewer sees the world through her eyes. This book is an extraordinary journey, a celebration of life and nature and the significant lessons to be found in the breath taking natural world.

Marlene’s inspiring DVD series, Capturing What People Don’t Talk About, is based on Marlene’s realisation of what it is to be ‘truly human’ and what being authentic really means. The intention in making the series was to provide people seeking answers to their own life struggles with some idea of where, in themselves, to look. From a broader perspective, the objective was to help raise the vibration on the Earth, so that people can more easily become aware of how to live an enriching life.

Marlene book, Sky Meets Land and her DVD series can be ordered directly from Marlene. For more information please email

Marlene is available for consultations and will skillfully match her Fine Art Photographs with your space. For those of you that missed meeting Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann she will be back in Gauteng for Homemakers in 2019.

Success at the Buckaroo Garden Day!


Success at the Buckaroo Garden Day!

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light hosted the Buckaroo Garden Day this weekend.  Despite the driving rain on Saturday morning, the East London public poured in to see the garden! The festive atmosphere was contagious as many hundreds of people came through the door.

There were many activities and things to do at the Centre this weekend, which made it an event for the whole family. There was face painting, a tea garden, delicious iced tea and flavoured water; both galleries were open, a farm stall, and information on the buckaroo project. Even Buckaroo himself was there! There were also many raffles available to enter including:

Creativity through photography weekend workshop which will take place on 11-13 May next year

A knitted blanket valued at R400

A very delicious fruit cake

2 Nights at the willows resort in PE for 5 people valued at over R2000

The whole event was hosted and organised by the Buckaroo team, who would like to thank all those who took time to visit the garden, and special thanks to those who made the Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light the first garden they visited.

The Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light was opened 10 years ago to be a place of healing and creative energy. In the centre are two galleries that exhibit the Master Fine Art Photographer’s work. The gallery exhibits Marlene’s Dark Room range of artworks that have been developed using the world renowned Neumann Technique. The Light Room exhibits Marlene’s latest range of Black and White Photography in which she further explores her deep connection with nature.

Marlene’s Centre will be open throughout the festive season for anyone interested in purchasing gifts with meaning for their loved ones. For more information please contact Marlene directly at

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