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Award season – Mbokodo awards

Did you know: Marlene Neumann won the prestigious Mbokodo Award two years ago. She was acknowledged for her contribution to fine art photography in South Africa.  About Marlene

Facebook competition – WIN – An exclusive MARLENE NEUMANN Fine art photograph


ENTER Marlene’s competition on Facebook – “WIN…One of my images….find your favourite image on my website and tell me why it is your personal favourite. Post the image and your comment below….you may enter many times with different images (A 366 x 300mm will be couriered to you. ) Competition ends 19 December…GOOD LUCK…love Marlene”

Buckaroo helps the dogs again


Marlene’s Buckaroo Initiative is helping their third informal settlement as part of the BUCKAROO STERILISATION DRIVE. “ONE HOME HAD 16 DOGS…yesterday was a hard day with moments of we removed wire from a pup’s neck and replaced it with a bright red collar…my Buckaroo Team and I delivered 15 kennels, gave out food parcels to the owners. Another 10 dogs were taken home after being sterilised by the ELSPCA which was funded by the Buckaroo project..Lionel and Zuki thank you for your compassion you showed those animals…We cannot comprehend the hardship of these dogs.. (see album) STERILISATION is the key…If each one one of us did something..We could make a difference in one dog’s life…love Marlene”

Marlene and Sophie her dove go on a road trip

“SOPHIE and I travel down a country road…come on a trip with us..and share the sun sparkling like fairy dust…love Marlene”. Follow Sophie on Facebook

Give a Gift with Meaning

Give a personal gift this season, a gift with meaning. View Marlene’s Gift newsletter.
Decor gifting, gift ideas, inspiring book, dvd series, creative photography workshop voucher…

Launching my NEW LOOK website!

Marlene Neumann has recently launched her new site!  A new beginning, a fresh look, added pages, stunning galleries, embedded videos, Check it out.. and share the content… Subscribe to Marlene’s mailing list and join us on social media. A Creative and New chapter in Marlene’s journey..Enjoy !

Buckaroo Sterilisation Drive

Award-winning fine art photography and philanthropist Marlene Neumann, continues to make waves with her BUCKAROO PROJECT. In the three years since she founded her fundraising initiative, Marlene and her dedicated team, have made a huge positive impact for animal welfare organisations in the Border region in the Eastern Cape.
Marlene and her Buckaroo Team are raising funds for a sterilization drive in informal settlements in and around East London. Follow their journey on Facebook

Creativity through Photography workshop

Award-winning South African Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, teaches students out of the box thinking while pushing their comfort zones through photography . An inspiring weekend workshop where students explore a new world using their cameras. Her sought after workshops cover camera basics and the deep meaning of fine art photography.

Episode 2: Inspiring Video Series

“Capturing what people don’t talk about” – Episode 2 of Marlene’s highly anticipated video series is available now!
The series is based on Marlene Neumann’s realisation of what it is to be ‘truly human’ and what being authentic really means. In episode 2 of this four-part series, Marlene takes the discussion of self-realization further, focusing on the practical process of how to move into the present moment and, therefore, full awareness…

Sophie the dove gets wash from mom Marlene Neumann

Marlene Neumann and her rescue dove Sophie have an amazing bond and trust. Watch her wing wash video from her Facebook page.

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