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Capturing the beauty in every moment

Why are we not out in nature ? Just breathing and exploring? Our most natural state is to create beautiful, magical moments.

We only tend to do the things we love when we have retired.
So why not do that now? Why not make this year, this month, a start to explore your creativity.

The whole purpose of Creativity is to get in touch with your divine essence who you truly are. In my photography workshops, I teach you about communication. How to communicate with nature and animals. How to see shapes, colours and light.

In my life I have romanced myself with the beauty around me and all that life has to offer.

Everyone, every single person is creative. My creativity through photography workshop will make you come alive. I teach you to just immerse yourself in nature, in the spirit world and magic. Photography is magic. Photography is capturing the beauty in every moment.

Take this opportunity, join me for my Online Creativity through Photography workshop starting – 30th March for 6 weeks

Gift yourself or a loved one.
Love Marlene

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Online Soul Photography Workshop – Time to Open your Heart

Sometimes I just want to burst through the screen and shake the world up shouting out WAKE UP. WAKE UP!

We miss our lives when we don’t connect to ourselves, Nature and others.
Yes in this order!

Sign up to my amazing 6 week online Soul photography workshop. Its ALIVE, it’s Meditative, contemplative and includes a 6 week way of healing the body through eating correctly.

This intimate journey with me involves YOU SHOWING UP! Committing to Wake up and go within through photography! What an amazing way to follow your bliss.

Email me on or text me on 0833213391

Fly into next year a new being. The essence of God is everywhere. – come on this journey with me.

Love Marlene

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