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Photographs captured With LOVE

This February, for the month of LOVE Marlene shared her thoughts on her photography,

“My life’s work is from the heart.
Each image is a metaphor for a
deeper connection to life and to yourself.”

Share Marlene’s amazing work with people you love. There is always one image that resonates with you.
Marlene has broken through the boundaries of Fine Art Photography in South Africa. She is renowned for inventing her unique black and white darkroom process known as the “Neumann technique”

All her images can be viewed online. Her new Black & White Collection is growing with masterful new images added to her gallery.

Find your favourite online

Marlene at Homemakers!

Join Master Fine Art Photograher Marlene Neumann at the Homemakers Expo this weekend in Johennesburg at the TicketPro Dome… her Fine Art Photographs, book and DVD series are on sale. Her original collection of darkroom images and black and white range are showcased at HOMEMAKERS. Each image evokes an emotional response in the viewer. Select work for your office or space at home.

DATE: 22 – 26 FEB 2018. Stand No C14 & 16. Thurs-Fri 10am-7pm / Sat-Sun 9am-6pm or view the work on

Sailing into the New Year with a brand new image

Marlene is proud to launch her brand new addition to her Black and White series: River Boat. This image can be found on display in her gallery, The Light Room, at the Marlene Neumann Centre for Photography and Light.

Every image in the Black and White series is a reflection of Marlene’s intuitive ability to capture light and a sense of timelessness as well as the emotion within a landscape. River Boat is no exception! With its magnificent use of light, the viewer is brought out of the heavy darkness and into a space of light and calm where rocky obstacles are laid to one side and one is able to take a personal journey to a quiet place of reflection, only returning to the shore of reality when absolutely ready.

Studies conducted by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health have found that images of water have profoundly positive effects on the wellbeing of viewers. Spaces containing water images drastically reduce stress and anxiety levels of those who are in the spaces. The study also found that energy and productivity levels in work spaces containing images of water, and recovery rates in healing spaces containing images of water were much higher than in spaces without.

What better way to start off the New Year than with an image of strength, calm and light?

Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School

Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School
Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School

Marlene Makes A Difference at West Bank School.

Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, spoke at West Bank school on their last day of term last Thursday. She spoke about the difference that a single person can make in the lives of others and in nature. Her talk covered being the change you want to see in the world, and how important it is to make a difference. “No matter how tiny you are you can make a difference in life- what you do or think impacts the world” was the message Marlene had for the students. She also spoke about the importance of nature and animals and that it is our responsibility to care for all animals.

The talk was given to the secondary and high school students- 300 pupils in total-  and teachers, all of whom were blown away, many of whom came up to thank her for her inspiration after her talk. However, the talk was only intended for one class to begin with. Once the preparation for the talk was underway, Marlene convinced the principle to invite the rest of the school to the talk.

From the teacher who invited Marlene to speak: “Thank you so very much for coming along yesterday! I really did not know the full magnitude of what I had organised! I appreciate that you took the time out to share with our learners; and we’ll be very excited to have you back soon!”

Marlene herself had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed giving back to such a beautiful school.

For more information about Marlene’s inspirational and captivating talks, you can contact her directly at 0833213391

She also runs Creativity through Photography workshops bi-annually. The course is aimed at anyone who needs a shift in the way they think and feel about photography and about their lives. Contact Marlene directly for more information about upcoming courses.


Local Heroes: Passion for animals sees rise of township project

A beautiful article was written on ‘A Local Hero’ in the Daily Dispatch by Nonsindiso Qwabe. Help Marlene spread the word of her Buckaroo Project. The charity needs donations of dog and cat pellets, collars and blankets. Marlene needs your help to help the dogs! To read the Daily Dispatch article online click here
For more info or to donate funds contact Marlene: / 083 321 3391


Aloe Warrior on the cover of Business Hi-Lite Magazine

Marlene Neumann recently had her artwork on the cover of Business Hi-Lite Magazine. Her photograph, Aloe Warrior was on the April/May 2017 edition of the magazine that covers the Border-Kei region. The magazine is printed by the Border-Kei Chamber of Business which has recently celebrated 140 years of excellence. The editor of the magazine, Keshina Thaver, had the following to say of Marlene’s image:

“Not only is it an outstanding example of master photographer Marlene Neumann’s work, the piece is titled Aloe Warrior, an image Neumann describes as depicting the tenacity and perseverance of the aloe to survive, despite having no shelter from the weather and clinging to a precipice. In that regard, it is a fitting celebration, standing strong in the face of adversity. “

You can purchase Aloe Warrior directly from Marlene.

Marlene Goes International!

Marlene Neumann has just launched her International Facebook page! Her agent in London will now be selling her work to the international market. Support Marlene by liking her International Facebook page, and by sharing it with your family and friends abroad.

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