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Ethan Black interviews Marlene Neumann about her exhibition at PE Homemakers

Marlene was interviewed on Kingfisher FM by Ethan Black on 6 June 2017. In the successful interview, Marlene discussed her upcoming exhibition at the PE Homemakers show and how she uses the medium of photography to connect to the world around her.

A Day with the Township Dogs

Marlene’s Buckaroo Project went for their weekly sterilization drive into Cintsa East township. They also fed local dogs. The food was kindly donated by the East London public. Please donate food if you can- these dogs are hungry and Buckaroo is running low on supplies. We need dog food, blankets and old kennels, as the upcoming winter months can be very harsh! To donate, contact Marlene directly at 083 321 3391 or drop off at 8 Kent Road, Vincent.

Tune into my Intimate Vlog series- You are a miracle!

Check out my Vlog Series on my YouTube channel . Subscribe to my channel and share with your friends..Love Marlene

Tune in to my intimate Vlog series

Check out my Vlog Series on my YouTube channel . Subscribe to my channel and share with your friends..Love Marlene

11 NEW Intentions for 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR…to all my beautiful friends…I have made a video for you…11 NEW Intentions…to start your year…Be gentle with yourself and others…!…love Marlene

What it means to be truly human

For those that have had the privilege of meeting Marlene, or following her on Facebook, know her as a deeply reflective person, not just a master photographer.  Marlene shares her insights in her moving DVD series of 4 episodes called “Capturing What People Don’t Talk About”. A personal gift for yourself or for a friend, these DVDs help shine the light and give you an inner perspective on your own journey.

Marlene and her rescue dove Sophie, share a “coo-ute” moment

AN INTIMATE MOMENT…trying to sleep…Watch how Sophie the dove keeps Marlene awake… Follow Sophie on Facebook

Marlene and Sophie her dove go on a road trip

“SOPHIE and I travel down a country road…come on a trip with us..and share the sun sparkling like fairy dust…love Marlene”. Follow Sophie on Facebook

Episode 2: Inspiring Video Series

“Capturing what people don’t talk about” – Episode 2 of Marlene’s highly anticipated video series is available now!
The series is based on Marlene Neumann’s realisation of what it is to be ‘truly human’ and what being authentic really means. In episode 2 of this four-part series, Marlene takes the discussion of self-realization further, focusing on the practical process of how to move into the present moment and, therefore, full awareness…

Sophie the dove gets wash from mom Marlene Neumann

Marlene Neumann and her rescue dove Sophie have an amazing bond and trust. Watch her wing wash video from her Facebook page.

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