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Award-winning South African Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, has reinvented her way of “teaching” her inspiring workshops. Shifting her focus to her unique intuitive approach to life. Sharing life lessons and how we are all deeply connected to life.   The emphasis shifts to the Soul of Photography.

Moving away from the technical and dropping into the heart. Seeing the world through her eyes. Being in the moment. Marlene’s contemplative approach will teach you new insights and a new way of seeing. Marlene’s philosophy is that the lens of any camera is an extension of your eye, your eyes are an extension of your heart. You are what you photograph, you are what you project.

Capturing the beauty in every moment

Why are we not out in nature ? Just breathing and exploring? Our most natural state is to create beautiful, magical moments.

We only tend to do the things we love when we have retired.
So why not do that now? Why not make this year, this month, a start to explore your creativity.

The whole purpose of Creativity is to get in touch with your divine essence who you truly are. In my photography workshops, I teach you about communication. How to communicate with nature and animals. How to see shapes, colours and light.

In my life I have romanced myself with the beauty around me and all that life has to offer.

Everyone, every single person is creative. My creativity through photography workshop will make you come alive. I teach you to just immerse yourself in nature, in the spirit world and magic. Photography is magic. Photography is capturing the beauty in every moment.

Take this opportunity, join me for my Online Creativity through Photography workshop starting – 30th March for 6 weeks

Gift yourself or a loved one.
Love Marlene

Rekindle that beautiful creative spirit inside of you
Are you drowning? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the year ahead? Or have you just lost your Mojo?

It happens to all of us. We lose touch with ourselves, the most important one in our lives. We seldom take care of ourselves creatively, emotionally or spiritually. We think our only existence is the physical world.

Let me help you to rekindle that beautiful creative spirit inside of you. I want to give you a reason for waking up in the morning. To be excited about connecting with a deep part of yourself. I want to show you how to see just the beauty around you in just the little things, in the things that matter. Yes, all of this through the lens of a camera or your phone!

Come and join me on the 30th of March 2022 for a 6 week online Creativity Through Photography workshop that will allow you to see things you have never seen before email me at

Love, Marlene

I want to teach you to see

What makes me take Photographs ? I want to teach you to see how I experience the world. I want you to be as excited about waking up as I am. Photography has allowed me to be fully me… Its taken me on adventures, its given me purpose. Its connected me to God. To Nature to my emotions. Join me on the 30th March for a 6 week Online Workshop – Creativity through photography. Gift this to someone you love. Gift it to yourself.

Email me for info
Love Marlene

Find that Creativity Inside youWhen I sit in nature I feel like I just come alive. My Spirit just goes whoosh. It’s like a spark, I remember who I am. And that’s the beauty about photography is that it reminds you who you are. It reminds you of why you are here.

We spend a fortune on all sorts of things in our lives, but we don’t, we don’t honour our creativity. And each and every one of you, I promise you, I guarantee you, I will find that creativity inside of you and bring it out of you. Join me for a beautiful photography workshop, starting on the 30th of March called Creativity through Photography, it’s online. You can do it from anywhere, anywhere in the world.

Learn how to capture nature, learn how to express yourself. Have you ever felt like you’ve been stuck, become unstuck, through photography… The joy of just living and immersing yourself in bliss. How awesome does that sound? email me at to book now.

Love, Marlene


These ONLINE workshops celebrates Marlene’s intuitive approach to photography. Her workshops are for anyone in search of a connection through photography and life.


Award-winning South African Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, has four inspiring talks scheduled for this year.

  • More Time Being Less Time Doing
  • What it means to wake up
  • Sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • A Walk and Talk with Marlene



Award-winning South African Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann, teaches students out of the box thinking while pushing their comfort zones through photography . An inspiring weekend workshop where students explore a new world using their cameras. Her weekend workshops cover camera basics and the deep meaning of fine art photography. Marlene shares her wealth of knowledge as a Master Fine Art Photographer and expertise drawing on her 30 years of teaching experience.

Inspiring videos on Youtube


Marlene’s inspiring weekend workshops are life changing… you will learn how to master light, colour perceptions, left brain-right brain, portraiture, night photography, still life, fine art photography, design…
Marlene engages with students on a personal and interactive level through multimedia presentations, exercises and practical training.
These renowned weekend workshops take place at the Centre for Photography and Light in East London.



Marlene Neumann has excelled as a Master Fine art photographer in South Africa. She was awarded the prestigious Mbokodo Award recognising her as SA’s top creative woman photographer.
Watch Marlene’s interviews on SABC, SAFM, etc. on Youtube.
Marlene is a regular CANON SA keynote speaker. Her latest mind shifting presentation was titled Tune in to the beat of life through Photography.


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