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This is my personal VLOG series where I share insights that I have gained over the past 35 years. When I was 38 years old, my life underwent a radical change. After a spell of ill – health which I consider my grace period, I began to see life through different eye’s, it’s as though I had woken up after been asleep for all my awake life.

Everything began to seem clearer to me, I had come to have a deeper understanding of what “Life” really meant, and the reason why we are actually here. I hope you enjoy this VLOG series of video’s which include how my work is a Metaphor for my inner most emotions – I produced another series called ” Capturing what people don’t talk about ” energy, emotion and spirit. The very things we are.

Several years ago I was shown the way to start helping “dogs” in the impoverished areas in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.
I starting the “Buckaroo sterilisation project ” – A Marlene Neumann initiative. To date we have sterilised and helped thousands of dogs and their owners. Buckaroo is a volunteer program.
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Love Marlene

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The Way Out is Within

What a ride we seem to be on. April feels like going down a slide at a playground at such a speed and there appears to be no stopping. There is so much air energy around. How do we cope when it all seems to be falling apart or going in a direction we never anticipated.

The only way out of this madness is to go WITHIN.

Finding our sense of self our peace. Life seems to be squeezing us to be honest with ourselves.

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Love, Marlene

Laughing and bathing with elephants

When life gets too much, how do we deal with anxiety, depression, fear and worry? We each have our own coping mechanisms, the question is are they healthy?

Self-love is a topic that we have never been taught. We have learnt to give and love others but never to show the same affection towards ourselves. Journey with me to experience a gift I gave myself of Laughing and bathing with elephants. There are many hidden messages on this trip. If anyone is searching for truth allow Nature to be your guide.

Come and experience what the Elephants have to say.

Love Marlene

There’s more to Life

Only when we remove ourselves from our everyday lives, in a place of stillness do we realise the noise and how we are getting distracted all the time.

There’s more to life, nature shows us and teaches us lessons all the time. The lessons Nature has to teach us far outweighs what we learnt in the “system”.

Have we been taught to appreciate the miracles of life, of the animals? How they walk and move amongst us and blend into the trees and the landscape. Take a trip with me and learn the ‘ lessons’ that Nature has to teach us.

Love Marlene

Where is your Focus?

It’s that time of the year again.

Except this year we are all feeling exhausted, stretched and just overwhelmed. Where is our focus? Is it on just getting through the next thing to the next thing? What should our focus be on?

How different this Xmas will be for those that have lost loved ones, for those that have no work.

It is better to be grateful for what we have rather than focusing on what we don’t have.


What happened to Love?

The question to ask ourselves is “What happened to Love?” Love as we knew it, the way it was taught to us. The way we “used to Love”.

Everyone that you meet along the way is struggling with something. We are always looking for hard, fast and a quick solutions to our problems. Do we realise that we are not getting out of this life alive.

Has FEAR replaced LOVE. Is that our new narrative? Here, I share what it means to be gentle, calm and have compassion in a world that has little to no time for Nature.

No matter what is happening around us we are still human beings and at the core of who we are, is LOVE.

Love, Marlene

Are you coping?

We numb out our emotions with Alcohol, partying or being social or hide behind the ” Grin and bear it face “.

It’s that time of the year you just want this to all be over or you can’t wait to go on leave. The problem is another year has passed and most of us haven’t yet confronted that dragon that has been weighing heavy on our heart for so long.

Do we really want to take these emotions into the New Year with us?

You can make a conscious difference in your life and to those around you.

Come take off your shoes, sit back, and connect with Nature while we look at your unique gift that you bring to the world.


The Centre of my Soul

When we step into ” flow ” the Universe conspires to help us. A life changing experience took me on a journey that turned my life 360 degrees.

I never looked back , I kept my face to the sun and allowed my hair to blow in the wind.

Was it easy, no! When I hit the bottom of the first well, I discovered there was yet another bottom and another and another.
I invite you to join me on this intimate journey.

Love, Marlene

What if you are happy

What if we are already happy? Have you ever heard the saying ‘things can’t get worse” … and then they do.

Living happily depends on how we are in our inner lives – our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and our desires.
Do others, situations make us happy?

Every experience in our lives we can either make a misery or a blessing out of it.

What if being happy is our natural state? Regardless of the pain and trauma we have each experienced. – can we still experience happiness?

Find out if you are Happy

Love Marlene

Remember who YOU are

As spiritual beings having human experiences, we are on an important mission to learn and grow here on earth.

Remembering who you are is taking your power back. It’s bringing all the disowned parts of yourself into alignment. Its also remembering that God like connection within ourselves.

The Purpose of receiving the energy of the Elephants is reminding us to be present, to pause and to embody the divine feminine within ourselves.

Elephants are both powerful and nurturing.

Love, Marlene

Be Still with Me

What is stillness? It’s the art of finding inner peace. Does this come easily to you at the moment?

I hear so many people say their minds and thoughts are all over the place. In this talk I share how I become STILL… how I quieten my mind and allow my body to catch up.

Stillness is… quiet, being with God, the mind slowed down and my spirit open.

Stillness is unplugging from the noise of the world and the chatter of your ego.

Stillness is letting go of busyness, our agenda, Our fears and our requests.

Love, Marlene

The Wisdom of the Elephant

We often search for meaning and guidance in the wrong places. Our upbringing and analytical structure that we have become accustomed to has moulded us and made us who we are today.

What if we are being called to step forward right now in all our truth? Who are we really?

The elephant is a symbol of unmatched strength, she carries the spirit animal energies of patience and wisdom.

Can the energy of these mighty beings help us to shift our current situation?

Love, Marlene

Rising beyond the Chaos

We are undergoing a massive change, not only as individuals but as a collective. Nothing makes sense anymore. The old world is breaking down.
There is nothing to gain in a War – this leaves us with a planet without love.

Rising beyond the Chaos, stepping into the ” New World ” for those that have had enough. I share how to take your power back this when you are feeling deeply anxious.

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Where to from here

Where to from here ?
Most of us are feeling burnt out, over tired and just a little overwhelmed. Right?
So much is happening around us. Think about it, we have a virus, trauma, death, birth, politics, economic collapse –
and so much more.
It seems we appear to be having ALL HUMAN experiences thrown at us at once.
Where do we go from here? When there seems to be no clear direction.
Love, Marlene

Feel the fear. LOVE anyway.

Fear has gripped most people in the past year. Each one of us deals with fear in a different way. Fear has gripped us, especially in the past 48 hours.

What is this fear that runs through the energy waves, that creates madness – the absence of love?

As opposites, love and fear cannot be felt at the same time.

“If we’re in fear, we are not in a place of love.
When we’re in a place of love, we cannot be in a place of fear” – Kübler-Ross and Kessler.

How I have coped with fear in the past 48 hours.

Love, Marlene

A Wild Walk & Talk with Marlene

A personal journey with me into the wild.

In this world of madness we seldom slow down to listen to the spirit of Nature.

I have spent my life working as an Intuitive Fine art photographer.

What a privilege my life has been. Learning to listen to and communing with Nature.

Nature teaches me its magic – when I tune into myself, I tune into Nature.

I don’t think I would ever have become a photographer if it wasn’t for the Spiritual side.
Living in South Africa we have such a diverse landscape. It’s wild, raw and authentic.

On this walk I share just how I tune in – to the souls of the Aloes, Elephant and Lions.

Love, Marlene


It has been said of Marlene she is in touch with herself, with nature. She understands that nature IS herself. Whether she looks into the eyes of a dog, sees water reflected on a leaf, or the leaf itself, or the stream flowing over the roots of a tree; she sees herself. Her journey must be an interesting one, so let’s find out more…

Katherine Waldrom from Spain is currently researching her book ‘ As wise as Jesus ‘ Marlene was interviewed as ‘The Voice of Nature’. I invite you to share this extraordinary, intimate conversation.

Love, Marlene

The Voice of the Forest

The magic of the forest lies in its mysteries. Nature has always been a wonderful way for me to connect with God. It is the place where I slow down and it’s as though I can hear the voice of God through the forest.

Walking through the forest involves using all of your senses. The solitude in the Silence felt in each leaf, the beauty in the flowers and the movements of the birds and animals.

Love, Marlene

The Sea Listens

The ocean is the beginning of life on Earth, it symbolizes the mysterious the unfathomable, and the chaos.

Spending time with the ocean is more important than ever in our over-stimulated society. It is so important to take time to unplug and return to nature. When I’m swimming in the ocean, my worries disappear, I just float, I tap into the expansiveness of the world, and I am able to just be.

The ocean reminds us that change in life is constant. You never quite know where you stand with the ocean – She is however a good listener.
The ocean heals us in so many ways.

Love, Marlene

At one with Nature

Know that all life is one.
We have been taught that we are separate from everything.

We have become dominated by our ego selves not understanding that God is in everything.

It is our human ignorance that we don’t realise the power of Nature.
Surrender and allow Nature to connect with you.

Love, Marlene

The Wisdom of the Forest

If you hurt Nature you hurt yourself. We are so caught up in our own problems, our desires, our pleasures and our pain that we never look around, never really see, even a tree. Seeing with your eyes, ears and heart.
Looking as though you are seeing for the first time.

Have you ever been in communion with a tree? To have no thought, no memory interfering with what you are seeing. Having the attention, so that there is only the tree.

Nature is the basis of our existence. If you cannot love Nature you will find it difficult to love another human being. Walk with me as I share the wisdom of the forest with you.

Love, Marlene

Come walk with Me

I invite you to Come walk with Me this morning, What is this life if there is no time to stare?

No time to stop and look in AWESOME WONDER at the beauty around us.

What is this life if you are rushing about aimlessly and never actually inhaling God’s Creation.
What is this life if all humanity cares about is self-absorption, greed and materialism.

For more information about the Ixopo retreat and my upcoming workshops email me

Love, Marlene

Calming Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety. Anxiety appears when your mind, body and soul are in a state of imbalance. It is our spirit’s way of speaking to us letting us know we are out of alignment…
“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” Kahlil Gibran

Our need to control and protect ourselves from harmful events and situations causes anxiety. The anxious mind is constantly worrying about the future in order to avoid hurt and pain.

The truth about anxiety is, it does not exist in the present moment. It shows up when you find your thoughts and emotions are in the future. In the present moment we will always a deep sense of calm and gratitude.

In the present, you will always feel a deeper sense of calm and gratitude
Love, Marlene

Why we Suffer

Every life form suffers; we each encounter obstacles in our lives. We sometimes believe if we only focus on the positive, life will bring us happiness. This unfortunately is not the case.

Problems can even arise from our own minds. Through our suffering consciousness can arise if we learn to go with our suffering.

The Buddhists say If we know how to suffer, we suffer much less, and we’re no longer afraid of being overwhelmed by the suffering inside.

Love Marlene

Beyond Fear

Fear itself is a natural and necessary part of being alive. The problem is when fear takes over and anxiety runs your life.

Fear is being afraid of things that may not happen in our lives. We are afraid of something that does not exist.

Fear is an emotion that drives human beings to anxiety and to bring harm to themselves.

Love Marlene

Seeing the Illusion

As human beings, we experience illusions all the time. We believe they are real.

Becoming more conscious of what we are choosing to create with our thoughts, words and emotions allows us to become more awake in this life.
The question is – Do we want to wake up? Do we even know we are asleep?
What does life feel like after you have seen through the illusion?

Some illusions are :
I have control over…
I will be happy if…
I will do something when I have more time…
If others change things will get better…

When you wake up you can never go back to sleep again!

Love Marlene

Living and Dying

The most important thing in your life right now is you are alive!

Where there is Life there is Death,
Where there is death there is life.

Death is not something that happens to us in the future. In fact in every moment we are experiencing both Life & Death.

When you live with death every moment it will make you want to appreciate your life. It is your choice to be a joyful human being.

Love Marlene

Letting Go

By letting go of our attachment to the illusion of security, which is really an attachment to what we know, we step into the unknown.
This is where we will find true happiness, abundance, and wholeness.

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Through the EYE of a NEEDLE

We are living through very challenging times. We are being pushed to either work through our baggage or step aside and be left behind.

The new language is “People finding their own sovereignty”, breaking away from the lower vibrations and moving to higher ground.

As we flip onto the other side and go through our own turbulence we are squeezed through the eye of the needle.

Love Marlene

Spirit of Photography

There is a bridge between you the Universe, other realms and our souls!
Imagine if you could experience other dimensions and learn how to communicate through subjects that show themselves to you.

Photography is magical!


To be compassionate is to feel deeply for absolutely everything. To know you are connected and embrace everything around you and see it as yourself.
To be compassionate is to not just tell someone that you care, but also to show them that you care.

So many of the problems in our world stem from a lack of compassion.
Compassion is unmotivated, it has no motive at all. It is simply because you have, you give. Compassion is very spontaneous, natural, like breathing.

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Love Marlene

A Beginner’s Mind

Our minds are so full of “Stuff” that we have forgotten where the beginning or the end of our lives really are. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts mind there are few.

When your mind is empty there is always room to learn something new. The beginner’s mind is filled with compassion and love. You will notice there is no “I”, me. We talk about oneness with all.

For me it’s like seeing something for the very first time. One must practice having a beginner’s mind.

Love Marlene

We all Need LOVE

Only if we create the perfect conditions for a plant to grow, the perfect soil, the position, it must have enough light, only then will the plant grow and flower. It is the same for Love. We have to learn how to feed our love or it will die.

We believe only someone else can love us. It is not your job to make someone happy. It is my job to make me happy. Love is a sweetness that is inside of you it is not something that you do, Love is something that you become. Do you think the tree worries if the grass does not love it?

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