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This is my personal VLOG series where I share insights that I have gained over the past 35 years. When I was 38 years old, my life underwent a radical change. After a spell of ill – health which I consider my grace period, I began to see life through different eye’s, it’s as though I had woken up after been asleep for all my awake life.

Everything began to seem clearer to me, I had come to have a deeper understanding of what “Life” really meant, and the reason why we are actually here. I hope you enjoy this VLOG series of video’s which include how my work is a Metaphor for my inner most emotions – I produced another series called ” Capturing what people don’t talk about ” energy, emotion and spirit. The very things we are.

Several years ago I was shown the way to start helping “dogs” in the impoverished areas in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.
I starting the “Buckaroo sterilisation project ” – A Marlene Neumann initiative. To date we have sterilised and helped thousands of dogs and their owners. Buckaroo is a volunteer program.
If you have enjoyed my VLOG page and it has Inspired you in any way – If you can, please make a contribution to aid the ongoing work and help these animals in needs. To donate funds click here  for PayPal donations please use

I would deeply appreciate that – Love Marlene

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We all Need LOVE

Only if we create the perfect conditions for a plant to grow, the perfect soil, the position, it must have enough light, only then will the plant grow and flower. It is the same for Love. We have to learn how to feed our love or it will die.

We believe only someone else can love us. It is not your job to make someone happy. It is my job to make me happy. Love is a sweetness that is inside of you it is not something that you do, Love is something that you become. Do you think the tree worries if the grass does not love it?

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The Present Moment

The point between past and future is called the present moment.
How many of us even know this point exists?
Are we aware that we may not be experiencing our lives but rather living somewhere else?
Staying present is difficult as we are always encouraged to think of the future or think of our past.

Heal your Life & Live your Bliss

We each create our own misery or happiness. Do we create our own disease or health?

When our minds work against us – it is time to take a break from ourselves.

When we heal ourselves we heal the planet and those around us.

Be the pebble in the pond! Will you sink, or will you create a ripple?

Being Human Part 3: Sensitivity

Sensitivity, is it a good thing?
We humans are preoccupied with our own “stuff”, and seldom notice that others around us may be suffering.
When you are sensitive you are more attuned to the world around you. Being sensitive is a strength. You are able to pick up things around you that are usually missed by 80 % of people.
However, it is not always easy being so sensitive.
If you know anyone that is sensitive tag or invite them.

Being Human Part 2: Experiencing Your Life

As humans are we existing, or are we really experiencing our lives? Do we know the difference? We have been conditioned to behave, think and believe a certain way – What if, in fact there is another way of “Being”, would you want to understand what your purpose is in this life? Once the Divine has tapped you on your shoulder you cannot turn back.

Being Human Part 1

Do we actually know what it means to “Be Human”. What does it mean?

The DVD series, Capturing what people don’t talk about, is based on what it is to be ‘truly human’ and what being authentic really means. The intention in making the series was to provide people seeking answers to their own life struggles with some idea of where, in themselves, to look.

Join me as I share the Wisdom from this series Buy or download the video series online

Shut Up & Listen

We hear but do we listen? Just listen and you will hear total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen.

Once you know how to listen, you are receptive, sensitivity flows, you are not there anymore. You become the silence you are listening too.

We all need to “Shut up”, and Listen more.

Seeing the Change

We are trapped in a world of rules and beliefs. Freedom is realising that it is all a dream and THAT WE CAN CHANGE THE DREAM at any point by bringing ourselves back to the present moment.Change is inevitable, so why do we try to keep things the same.Fear keep us stuck.

Leaving your Comfort Zone

We are the most comfortable generation on the planet. Yet are we happy, truly happy from the inside out. I am not talking about where the next holiday will be. I am talking about understanding what life really means to us. Why are we here – and why do we play it so safe all the time. When our only purpose is to grow.

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