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The Present Moment

The point between past and future is called the present moment.
How many of us even know this point exists?
Are we aware that we may not be experiencing our lives but rather living somewhere else?
Staying present is difficult as we are always encouraged to think of the future or think of our past.

Heal your Life & Live your Bliss

We each create our own misery or happiness. Do we create our own disease or health?

When our minds work against us – it is time to take a break from ourselves.

When we heal ourselves we heal the planet and those around us.

Be the pebble in the pond! Will you sink, or will you create a ripple?

Being Human Part 3: Sensitivity

Sensitivity, is it a good thing?
We humans are preoccupied with our own “stuff”, and seldom notice that others around us may be suffering.
When you are sensitive you are more attuned to the world around you. Being sensitive is a strength. You are able to pick up things around you that are usually missed by 80 % of people.
However, it is not always easy being so sensitive.
If you know anyone that is sensitive tag or invite them.

Being Human Part 2: Experiencing Your Life

As humans are we existing, or are we really experiencing our lives? Do we know the difference? We have been conditioned to behave, think and believe a certain way – What if, in fact there is another way of “Being”, would you want to understand what your purpose is in this life? Once the Divine has tapped you on your shoulder you cannot turn back.

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