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Being Human Part 1

Do we actually know what it means to “Be Human”. What does it mean?

The DVD series, Capturing what people don’t talk about, is based on what it is to be ‘truly human’ and what being authentic really means. The intention in making the series was to provide people seeking answers to their own life struggles with some idea of where, in themselves, to look.

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Shut Up & Listen

We hear but do we listen? Just listen and you will hear total silence; in deep listening you disappear. The whole art is how to listen.

Once you know how to listen, you are receptive, sensitivity flows, you are not there anymore. You become the silence you are listening too.

We all need to “Shut up”, and Listen more.

Seeing the Change

We are trapped in a world of rules and beliefs. Freedom is realising that it is all a dream and THAT WE CAN CHANGE THE DREAM at any point by bringing ourselves back to the present moment.Change is inevitable, so why do we try to keep things the same.Fear keep us stuck.

Leaving your Comfort Zone

We are the most comfortable generation on the planet. Yet are we happy, truly happy from the inside out. I am not talking about where the next holiday will be. I am talking about understanding what life really means to us. Why are we here – and why do we play it so safe all the time. When our only purpose is to grow.

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