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The Shadow Self

The one thing that fascinated me about taking photographs was the shadows created by the objects that I photographed.I amused myself with an understanding that they were in fact more important than the actual subject.Later in my life I began working with the Shadow parts of myself. Through my photographs this helped me to consciously expose parts of myself that were hidden my whole life.It is only through effort to become self-aware that we recognise our shadow.Join me on my FB Live on Wednesday mornings at 9am! order Ebb & Flow visit

Pay Attention

If you don’t pay attention you miss your LIFE. We are drowned out by information – that it not intelligence. Your mind becomes so busy you lose your ability to focus.Pay attention to a flower and you will experience everything you need to know about your life!

Creativity, Spirituality

To be creative is being able to allow yourself to let go, that’s connecting to the Divine.
Going to a place within yourself that no one else can tap into.
Remember who you are and join me on Facebook Live, Creativity Spirituality…

The Light Within

The more we tap into the spiritual side of ourselves, the lighter we become and we resonate at a higher energy frequency.

I could ‘see’ for the very first time. Through photography I could use my eyes as the lens and my heart as the camera to express my emotions.

This was a moment of photographic enlightenment for me.

Our life’s purpose is to discover our own inner light.

There is MORE to LIFE

Have you ever wondered why we are here or asked the question?

There is indeed more to life… a world out there that not many know about.

Take the journey… There is MORE to LIFE… with me through my Photographs.

The Cycle of Life

Join me to explore The Cycle of Life through my photography,

In my search for the meaning of life I have come full circle, only to realise the very thing I was searching for ‘out there’ I already had inside me.

When our souls start on a journey back home it is like the pull of the outgoing tide – nothing is going to stop it, not you or I. I have often found myself in bizarre situations or unexplained circumstances and I realise that my soul had to learn a lesson for me to grow. All I had to do was show up.

The Divine Feminine

In my journey through the camera I have searched for my own truth.

I have come to see that the divine energy we seek is a serene centered feminine essence that exists in all things.

A Divine Feminine force that flows everywhere, and through everything.

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