Inspiring VLOGS with Marlene – The Voice of Nature

Surrender & Abundance

Join me to explore Surrender & Abundance through my photographs

My Life has shown me that only when we surrender and stop resisting, abundance flows.

This feeling can be terrifying as our ego wants to control things.

Love or Fear

Most of us are taught when we are very young not to love ourselves.

My struggle with fear brought me face to face with love, pure love.

Love is a deeper knowing that we are all from the same divine source that is called God.

Share in my search for love through my photographs.

Being Vulnerable

When you express yourself, you expose yourself. To touch your core is to come face to face with God.

Share in my Vulnerability through my photographs

Stillness Speaks

This week we travel a little deeper into stillness. With all the madness happening at the moment. We may be feeling a little in between worlds.

If you know anyone that is stressed at the moment make a cup of tea and bring them along… we are travelling to places of stillness…

Call of Africa

Communicating with animals is something I have always been able to do through my camera lens..!

Do you love being in the Wild ? Come with me this morning… To hear the ‘Call of the wild’ Don’t you just love South Africa. All you need to bring is a flask of tea, some nibbles and to tag a friend to join us.

Far away places

Sometimes I dream of going to a far away place ! Come away with me… I am travelling to India, Egypt, Italy, Crete, Namibia.

Sometimes a girl just has to GO ! All you need to bring is a flask of tea, some nibbles and to tag a friend to join us.

Wide open Spaces

Join me for the wide open space! Oh how my spirit needs it. How my heart yearns to follow the road again.

Are you coming with me ? LET’S HIT THE ROAD… no plan we just go! Are you in?

All you need to bring is a flask of tea and some nibbles.

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