Inspiring VLOGS with Marlene – The Voice of Nature

The exciting Wild coast

Hike the Wild Coast with ON Facebook Live

A place where life seems untouched, where simplicity drowns out the madness.
Where cows wander on the beaches, sheep and goats mosey on over to the river.

Come with me off the beaten track and find out why I love the Transkei so much.


Escape to the Desert with me! We will hear the sounds of our footsteps, smell the dried grasses and experience first-hand that the world is truly round.

Let your hair down. Take off your shoes, roll your jeans up and feel the sand between your toes.
All my images can be viewed on my website

Aloes as healers

ALOE LOVERS…. Come walk with me this MORNING @ 9 am on Facebook Live I will show you the hidden meaning of Aloes, their presence, beauty and silent strength.
To all Aloe lovers come join me.

Follow the Light

When you are aware of light around you, the
‘light within you’ begins to shine through.
Facebook Live for my talk ‘Follow the Light’
The wonder of having eyes is being able to see light. Photography IS LIGHT. And still, people don’t “see.”
You miss the light, you miss your life…


I will be giving away FREE tips on Fine Art Photography.

What if you knew, everything around you is ENERGY! Everything has and is vibration.

I will show you how I connect with everything I photograph. Knowing how to listen is the key.
Invite a friend to join you…

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