Inspiring VLOGS with Marlene – The Voice of Nature

Up Close and Intimate

Come with me on a close up journey. We spend our lives so incredibly busy we are always in such a hurry. We miss the moments in our lives. Coming up close and intimate… to something and realising the miracle of life.

If you miss a moment you have missed your life!

Tuning In – to the Nguni cows

Join Marlene Neumann a Master fine art photographer and how she tunes in to the Nguni. An ancient tribe of cows.

The camera is just an extension of your eyes. Your eyes are an extension of your soul ! says Marlene

Being Authentic is the key to tuning into Nature and animals. I was interested in the Nguni and the photographs followed.
“Join me for an experience that changed my life.”

Watch Marlene’s Nguni video online
Read more about Marlene and the Sacred Seven in her book “Sky Meets Land”

The Essence of Trees

THE ESSENCE OF TREES, these magical beings live amongst us. They share our space. They communicate with us they heal us.
Walk with me and experience the wisdom of Trees. How I have tuned in to photograph them.

My work is an expression of my heart. Join me on a Journey through my camera lens.
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We keep so busy that the very thing in front of us we don’t see anymore. My life’s work has been about, Seeing Beauty in everyday things.

We miss the most beautiful moments when we look right past things. My work has been an expression of my heart. Anyone can take photographs, Join me on this journey and I will teach you.
View my Fine Art Photographs online @

My Life as an Intuitive Photographer

A live chat introducing my approach to Intuitive Photography and how it became my life.

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