Nguni Series

Marlene Neumann captures the beauty of Southern Africa’s Nguni cattle.  Their characteristic patterned hides reflect the many variations of the African landscape while their inner essence of strength, nobility and adaptability are features of the land in which they were born. Order information.


The Nguni fine art photographs are truly works of art that capture the essence of what Marlene Neumann experienced on her journey with them.
“Few are given the privilege to spend time with beings that are so gentle, humble and connected to the earth as the Nguni cattle are. I was one of those few. My time capturing them left me in awe of these radiant animals. I spent hours first watching their movements and how they connect to one another, how they peacefully observe everything around them in gentleness.”

Marlene dedicated a chapter to the Nguni in her book


Learn about Marlene’s inspiration and the story behind these magnificent photographic artworks.
“These gentle animals shared their space with me. They allowed me to photograph their feelings. I particularly felt moved when they accepted me to capture the bond between them and their young. The Bull sat lovingly and listened to what I had to say while I moved closer and closer to him…”


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