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  1. Country Life February 2015

    SKY MEETS LAND – Country Life February 2015 Book Review by Linda Piegl
    Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann’s coffee-table book is a journey for the eyes and soul. Striking images are coupled with personal insight, discourse and inspirational quotes. Her photographic style is unique – she processes work in monochrome but with a subtle washes of sepia and pale hints of colour. The resultant images are reminiscent of watercolour paintings and charcoal sketches. reality and illusion are indiscernible. Arranged according to themes such as stillness, strength and wholeness the photos reflect many SA landscapes and creatures. Neumann has dedicated this book to the great loves of her life – her dogs and a pair of hand-reared doves.
    Author and publisher: Marlene Neumann
    Reviewer: Linda Piegl
    ISBN: 978-0-62059-752-4

  2. My one on one experience with Marlene has been like water to a parched soul. I have searched far and wide for someone who can show me how to find the spirit of photography… something so lacking in the plethora of modern day picture taking. Marlene is kind in her truth telling, knowledgeable of all things photography and mixes that with the wisdom of a guru. I am grateful to have found a teacher to explore ALL that goes into photography with/
    – Enigmah Archer Hirsch, Augusta, Maine USA

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