A Dance with Life

A Dance with Life


Marlene’s Book ‘A Dance with Life.’

Bring your heart along with your eyes. Come dance with me.


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Marlene’s NEW Book – A Dance with Life: Bring your heart along with your eyes. Come dance with me.

In this beautiful book filled with a wealth of wisdom, fine art photographer and spiritual teacher Marlene Neumann shows us her stunning inspirational images -spiritual insights from nature. Her personal stories tell us how she has peeled back the layers of life to discover what it means to be human, to thrive in life and how to make life count.

Many of us are scared and struggle to fit in, conforming to follow what society tells us to do. We choose to stay stuck feeling that it’s safe and secure to live in our comfort zone rather than step into the unknown and seek change and personal transformation.

“Learning that by accepting myself, owning the darkness in my life, and how to be open to spirit, has helped me understand what life is about. With nature as my teacher, I’ve learnt that connecting to my inner self has allowed me to find serenity, embracing my whole self. Being in flow with life is a beautiful dance if we simply surrender to the moment and have compassion for ourselves. I’ve discovered joy and freedom to be myself, flowing with the rhythm of life. I’m honoured to teach others through my programs and my books how to follow inner guidance so they too can dance with life.” Marlene says.

She invites us, through her spiritual photography and love of nature to begin this personal development process for ourselves by asking us to consider: “What if our purpose as humans is to dance to nature’s rhythm, to soar like eagles and to truly experience everything that life brings us?”

Marlene draws us in to her world through her openness, vulnerability and her photography. She shares stories of anxieties and how she healed herself through rebuilding emotional foundations and owning her darkness. By sharing the spiritual symbolism in photography, she teaches how to connect to your inner self. After facing emotional poverty and surrendering to the moment, she found her path to the divine through her spiritual connection with nature.

Throughout this book you will be inspired to discover your own steps to dance with life, have compassion for yourself and re-connect to your true nature, the very heart of who you are. Following Marlene’s personal spiritual journey allows you to recognise the jewel that is hidden within each of us, so you can shine your light and start living your best life, fulfilling your potential.

Marlene gently leads readers through healing and self-awareness, a spiritual journey in photography. Through her 38 incredible black and white photographs A Dance with Life allows us to explore our own lives, allowing growth, healing and transformation. Marlene’s stories and soul photography will support you working with your strengths and weaknesses, discovering the rhythm of life, how to make life count, so you too can find the freedom to be yourself.

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A Dance with Life: Bring your heart along with your eyes. Come dance with me.
by Marlene Neumann (Author), Tracey-Jane Hughes (Editor), David Lilley (Foreword)

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