What it Means to Wake Up

What it Means to Wake Up


These unique interactive workshops are based on Marlene’s years of teaching, her experiences, challenges and triumphs as a Photographer. As a spiritual seeker and a person living in a world that has gone mad. Her deep connection to nature and her charismatic approach will captivate you for hours.

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In a changing world we have to learn a new way of being. An awakening from being asleep.
As an intuitive photographer, Marlene has explored and expanded the boundaries of Fine Art Photography. Her intention is to provide people seeking answers to their own life struggles with some idea of where, in themselves, to look.

Expand your creative awareness to explore a new path in your personal journey.
Once you wake up you can never go back to sleep!

Date: TBA
This 3 hour ONLINE workshop is LIVE and interactive.

For more information please get in touch with us at neumann@worldonline.co.za.

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